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Japanese Developers Weigh in on the PS4

Last week, Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu asked their readers what they thought about the PS4. In this week's issue, the question was lobbed in the direction of many of Japan's biggest game makers, to get the developer point of view on Sony's as-of-yet faceless console. Take a look at what some of them had to say: (PS4, Sony)

GribbleGrunger  +   869d ago
It's odd but not one of those comments excited me in the least. I found them to be quite dull and uninspired to be honest. I hope this isn't a reflection of how next gen will pan out because I can see the Japanese falling even further behind the West. I love their quirky game mechanics and off the wall presentation but they need to show enthusiasm and I didn't really get much of that from these snippets.
MikeMyers  +   869d ago
It really does show the differences in culture.

"I got the impression that the competitive field for consoles is moving from basic performance specs to peripheral services."

"My initial impressions of the PS4 were that it is a 'true network game machine.'

A lot of the Western developers focused mainly on the specs and how much easier it will be to develop for.
cyhm3112  +   869d ago
I think the japanese will win next gen. They will overcome the techical difficulties they have been facing this gen. They lost their identity this gen because the West won the battle of the sales. They try to copy the western games but fail. They are saying they won't copy the west again next gen. Japanese games are more interesting anyway. That's not to say that I don't like western games, western games this gen have more production values by far, this is certainly not a bad thing!!I am looking forward for games from two western developers though, the LA Noire developer's sequel's Whore of the Orient and games from the Heavy Rain developers. More games have interesting stories like these should be made. Some people might not agree with me though.
roshi1987  +   869d ago
I disagree because you gave ZERO evidence to support your opinion that the Japanese will win next gen.

How do you write a paragraph and say nothing? All you say is that they "will overcome current gen technical difficulties"...based on nothing.

And even if they did overcome those difficulties that means nothing if they cant manage to get global appeal which they have collectively spent a decade losing.
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Picnic  +   869d ago
I wouldn't expect the Japanese to be excited about it though. The PS4 is more PC-like than previous Playstations and the Japanese are not big PC players.
The idea of having a console where they can more easily make something photorealistic wouldn't be a big selling point to the Japanese who favour more stylised anime games.

I mean the PS2 had the 'Emotion Engine', the PS3 the 'Cell'. The PS4 'we're much like a PC' doesn't sound as exciting.

For Western tastes, it's usually companies outside of Japan who make the games that we like anyway.
Some of them ape what Japan gaming used to be like much better than Japan does.
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KingofGambling  +   869d ago
Konami bring on Suikoden VI to the PS4.
-Falaut-  +   869d ago
*head explodes at the prospect*
ame22  +   869d ago
Kotaku's agenda *eyes lighten up* "Sony must die and we must support the cause" *laughs maniacally*.
Azurite  +   869d ago
Atsushi Inaba is getting it
Having these new things, headset(mic), camera(s) and touchpad as -standard-(you get it bundled) on PS4 will let developers create more varied experiences.

Drawback is multi-platform games won't have the same possiblities.
brave27heart  +   869d ago
They still have the potential to have them, they just wont be built from the ground up based around these features. Theres nothing stopping Fifa from using the touch pad for penalty taking for instance, it'd be quite simple to program in, but we wont see it used for much more than basic features in multiplat games.

Now first party games have me excited.
Evil-snuggles  +   869d ago
capcom new breath of fire please I will trade my first born child born for a new Panzer Dragoon saga the greatest game ever made
j-blaze  +   869d ago
Sony should support more AAA Japanese games this time
abzdine  +   869d ago
they should secure an HD Monster Hunter, keep up with the Yakuza and not delay their jap great franchises too much.

We still want Dark Cloud 3, a brand new Dragon Quest, Legend of Dragoon 2, KHIII and all vaporwares like TLG and VSXIII.

Release some of those and competition is over
Qrphe  +   869d ago
I disagree with MH. On home consoles, it's not like it'd sell millions. If anything, they should focus on securing one for the Vita.
MH is a strong handheld title but weak on home consoles.
r21  +   869d ago
For the first time Blaze, Im going to have to agree with you. I really hope Sony at least has 1 JRPG at launch for the ps4 and the years after. I miss games like Dark Cloud, Radiata Stories, Rogue Galaxy.
Mr-Dude  +   869d ago
I really want KH3... and Legend of Dragoon 2 and ofcourse an new Panzer Dragoon...!

I pick those games anytime above a new Killzone, inFamous and the rest. But they that's me
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dafegamer  +   869d ago
They should expand their own japanese studios. and work on japanese centric games. Cant believe that I would ever agree with one of Jblaze's comments?
lovegames718  +   869d ago
I want either a sequel or a spiritual successor to Soul Sacrifice for ps4 (that way vita can still have its exclusive ip series running on vita and ps4 can have a Soul Sacrifice as well). I think on Ps4 it will be crazy!!!!!! Soul sacrifice is already gorgeous on the Vita and gameplay looks sick imagine a spiritual successor on ps4, those Japanese gamers and of course all gamers will go sick!!!!

Another game i would love to see is a direct Sequel to Demon Souls. That game this time around would sell even more once Ps4 install base gets up their. Bigger badder monsters, no framerate issues and complete use of the social aspects would be insane!!!!
EffectO  +   869d ago
Japanese devs are playing smart,flashy graphics and explosions will not impress anyone.No wonder that Japanese gaming industry is more healthier than Western one.

I read somewhere that Crysis 3 budget was $66 millions,wtf lol...pure madness
RTheRebel  +   869d ago
Hmmmm intresting I think most Japanese Developers will produce more games on the Wii-U [viceversa] Most Western developers on PS4.
Interesting article from Kraptaku for once.
Tito08  +   869d ago
I believe in order for Sony to make their console more successful, they gonna have to make either acquire or form new Japanese studios, or have some form of exclusivity deals with Japanese 3rd party developers, because that is how actually how PS1/2 & PSP succeeded the most with. PS3 did great this generation, but not as great as PS1/2 did in the software department. I believe this western-centric generation in certain ways is doing more damage than good.

Last gen, as I remember, saw Acclaim, only that company to go bankrupt, unless there's a little more. But this gen alone saw the end of Midway which was one of my favorite western publishers, Blizzard, Sony Liverpool, Team Bondi, Pandemic, THQ & more that closed down based sorely on financial issues, all in this generation, not cool!

I think something needs to be changed with the release of yearly IPs like COD, AC, & EA Games since they're always launched during the holiday season, that sucks because that's interfering with the sales of non-yearly IPs to perform better or push their games back through the next year, that to me is not healthy business, they should be at least Summer-releases!!
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