Memory Lane: March Releases Throughout the Years

GP takes a look back at some of the biggest March releases over the years.

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TheLiztress1955d ago

March always seems to be a good month in terms of releases.

darthv721955d ago

it was the month my first son was born. Talk about a "release".

okay that was lame.

Slayn_Bacon1955d ago

Don't entirely agree with the choices, but it's enjoyable regardless.

setaimx1955d ago

March is almost the "October/November" of Spring releases, it seems. Tons of much anticipated (and usually previously-delayed) games often tend to fall into that month for release.

Also, I almost forgot that Wind Waker came out in March, especially since the last two console ones came out during the Fall.

sonicsidewinder1955d ago

10 years since Wind Waker. Man-o-Man.

masteroftheclaw1955d ago

It's so weird to recall these games coming out like they just did, but nope, it's been years ago!