SimCity Modder Plays Offline, Could Increase City Size

EA said it couldn't be done, but a SimCity modder has proven them wrong - a mere week after release. Worse, he was also able to edit outside of his city and have it save, proving that a bigger city size would be easily implemented as well.

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Grap1956d ago

"wait two week at max. and there will be crack version of this game. DRM are only preventing and punishing buyers of the game from playing it offline. that's why UBI drop it off no point having it for ur game"
that's what i said 6 days ago. i know it's not cracked version but one step at time.

Yi-Long1955d ago

... A DRM-free offline experience is all I wanted. If it means we'll also get bigger cities, than that's just extra gravylicious.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

It's not worth it without large cities, the game is completely dependant (read forced multi player) on people making specialized cities and trading.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

Go back to the older articles for a sec....

They said it couldn't be done.

chcolatesnw1956d ago

thank goodness. i have been wanting to get an increase city size so badly. i don't care about playing offline much because servers haven't been an issue for me, although i might use the crack if its required to do the increase size mod. EA did a bad job with this and shouln't even be called simcity, more like simneighborhood

tarbis1956d ago

crack is on the way. YES!

Kennytaur1956d ago

I hope Maxis can implement this themselves, EA probably won't let them, but this mod will likely not work online. And I don't know if I want to risk losing online functionality for bigger cities... I want the best of both worlds.

N0S3LFESTEEM1956d ago

Where do they get off thinking <25% of the map size of Sim City 4 was an improvement... Then making it Online only.

Yi-Long1955d ago

... the SC-community already spoke out about the always-online demand for a game we enjoy playing on our own, OFFLINE. And to also have the cities be much smaller than in SC 4 is just beyond ridiculous.

So no, they didn't think, and they didn't listen. Sadly.

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The story is too old to be commented.