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Keighley: 'Joakim Mogren is not Kojima, definitely still a chance this is Metal Gear'

Gaming journalist Geoff Keighley has conducted an interview with the elusive Joakim Mogren, which will be aired tonight on GTTV. It doesn't exactly make things any less mysterious. Keighley said he saw some new photos, that this was a weird interview and that Joakim wasn't Hideo Kojima. But when someone asked wether this meant it was not a Metal Gear game, Keighley stated there is 'definitely still a chance' this is in fact Metal Gear related after all. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Photo of (supposedly) Joakim Mogren added.

Walker  +   687d ago
lol, joakim is kojima !
matgrowcott  +   687d ago
I almost want it not to be though, after all these months.

I can just imagine some guy somewhere, hating the coincidence of his name being an anagram.
Nyxus  +   687d ago
Yeah, that would be pretty funny. But if that was the case, why did he never show his face? There is no information on him whatsoever, and that's suspicious.
Larry L  +   687d ago
So Keighly right now is outright LYING to everyone in a public forum about something that the truth of the matter is 100% for sure eventually going to come out? Something like that is sometimes the end of a public figures carreer.

Just being a guy in gaming media who can keep your mouth shut while maybe dropping little hints and teasers to get fans excited is one thing, and usually a pretty good thing. But just straight out lying in this way just looks BAD, and could (and imo should) negatively affect his career, or at the very least destroy whatever credibility he has with gamers.
zerocrossing  +   687d ago
Without a doubt lol, Im pretty sure anyone saying otherwise is either trolling or having a laugh.

Id hate to think there are people so stupid they can't see Joakim is a deliberate anagram of Kojima.
SandWitch  +   687d ago
I think they simply hired some actor or spokesperson.
j-blaze  +   687d ago
there is a possibility that this game is being co developed with western studio..i really hope not
SilentNegotiator  +   687d ago
Anyone that can't see that has been drinking too much mountain dew and eating too many doritos.
Run_bare  +   686d ago
Joakim is Kojima

J O A K I M = K O J I M A
Rashid Sayed  +   687d ago
first1NFANTRY  +   687d ago
he's trolling us all. i really hope it is MGS related. I'm kind of starved for a great stealth game.
DS36  +   687d ago
Yea that Hack n Slash MGS Rising just isn't going to do it for me. I want to crawl on my belly and stalk.
catch  +   687d ago
I am going to laugh pretty hard if Kojima pulls a Chris Gaines on everyone.
BanBrother  +   687d ago
God I hope Geoff Keighley chokes on a big fat......Dorito. Such a douche.

Kojima should announce the game right after he king hits Geoff. Yeah, I can be mean sometimes :-)
Braid  +   687d ago
Listen to this while you read the story and it all suddenly starts making sense:

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FarCryLover182  +   687d ago
He should have said this:

Keighley: 'I am no games journalist, this is Metal Gear'
BlaqMagiq24  +   687d ago
He's right guys. This is Joakim Mogren.

Shuyin  +   687d ago
LMFAO. It's still too goddamn hilarious xD.
We already know that. Joakim is taller.

RyuX19  +   687d ago
Hey you finally posted something kinda funny!
baldulf  +   687d ago
Yeah listen to the dorito pope, he was never wrong before!

segamon  +   687d ago
one of if not the most exaggerated game figure of all time. no doubt he produced two genuinely iconic games; Metal Gear Solid and ZOE2 (imho) but after that MGS was just copy and paste with some "color changes" and the stories did not live up to the original. I'm not saying they were bad games, I'm saying they were not extraordinary, not to the level of deifying this mere member of a greater team.

over-glorified by the media and the plague of the generation, the fanboys. it's mind boggling.

take a breath, think subjectively, own you mind, and you'll see.
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Stigma0080  +   687d ago
I disagree with you, MGS 3 Snake Eater Was Freaking Awesome.I actually like it more than MGS1. I could play it right now.

Thats my opinion though
PirateThom  +   687d ago
I think most games in the Metal Gear series are iconic or important for one reason or another.

Metal Gear for going a different route from traditional games of the time.
Metal Gear Solid for delivering a cinematic experience.
Metal Gear Solid 2 for twisting plot lines and switching the main character, something that just wouldn't have happened now due to the internet.
Metal Gear Solid 3 taking the gameplay elements and transferring it into a jungle, away from the set corridors of the previous 3D games. Probably the most well designed of the MG games.
Metal Gear Solid 4 for its use of the hardware.
Peace Walker for proving a Metal Gear game does work on a Portable System and can be as important to developers as home consoles.

Then there's the Zone of the Enders games. Although, The 2nd Runner is more of a Shuyo Murata game than Kojima.

However, you then look back at things like Snatcher and Policenauts. Boktai.

I think his problem is more than people want Metal Gear and it's hard for him to do anything else. Hoever, every bit of praise is still deserved.
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Nyxus  +   687d ago
I just see how wrong you are, in nearly every conceivable way.
thebrownbox  +   686d ago
As a younger gamer who started with MGS4, I will argue that nearly all of his work is extraordinary. MGS4 was a breathtaking game for me and I had no clue what it was when I bought it, the world and characters are amazing. I have since played all of the Metal gear games and they are just all masterpieces IMO. So just don't say they are over glorified just because you don't love them.
dafegamer  +   687d ago
shit just got real
r21  +   687d ago
Itd be interesting if there was actually a Joakim Mogren XD
Bugwug  +   687d ago
I get the feeling that this clown interviewed the guy that runs the fake Twitter. Alternatively, Kojima in a blonde wig with a terrible Swedish accent.
bunt-custardly  +   686d ago
"The guy was definitely not Kojima. He legitimately seemed Sweedish. And I'm skeptical if he is actually a game developer."

Why did he refer to Joakim as Sweedish? It's Swedish. If you can't even spell then what are you Geoff? Maybe the spelling mistake was deliberate? A clue towards the whole character being fake.
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KillrateOmega  +   686d ago
Kojima, you troll :)

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