Lara Croft: Vulnerable, Insecure, And Finally Meaningful

Richard Wakeling, Thunderbolt writes:
The original Tomb Raider was a seminal title. Female protagonists were almost unheard of at the time; Lara Croft quickly became an important shot in the arm for the video game industry, propelling to her icon status as she graced the covers of magazines, advertised sports drinks and made the jump across mediums to Hollywood and the silver screen. A woman in a video game? A novel concept for the time, one lauded purely for the fact she was a playable female. But she wasn’t a real woman, far from it. Her characterisation was non-existent, left to stand alone as a polygonal sex object of ridiculous proportions. More cartoon character than a real person. Her rise was an important step, for sure, but one that still had a long, long way to go before she was anything more than a voyeuristic giggle for 14-year old boys and their nude cheat codes.

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CaptCalvin1893d ago

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great game, but her attitude threw me off. She's always b!tching and moaning to Roth uh please come get me, uh i dun wanna do this, uh dang it I was hopin u wudn't make me do that, wah wah wah. It's just not Lara Croft. She lost both her parents at a very young age she should know how to look after herself very well by then.