God of War: Ascension is a weak installment

Tim Nunes from writes, "It nearly breaks my heart to say this, considering I’ve advocated for God of War: Ascension, but this game is not polished enough to be called a God of War game. Santa Monica Studios obviously took a lot of time to recreate Kratos in a sub-immortal light, but after experiencing all of the God of War titles, it’s hard to look at this Kratos and feel like I’m not playing David Jaffe’s original design. That may sound positive, but negativity has a strange way of cropping up with reality."

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Ezz20131898d ago

guys before you get angry
the game got 9/10 from this site

and this is not the guy who review it
so it just his opinion nothing more

Irishguy951898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The reviewer giving it a 9 is just his opinion too. Here you have a PSU writer complaining about the game. Don't try and say it's not valid

yewles11898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It's NOT valid. We need consistency, not complaining about a 10/10 game with so many issue that prevent it from being a 11/10...

BLAKHOODe1898d ago

It's not valid. Why? Because it doesn't matter if he's a professional "writer" or professional "reviewer", they are still just people.. each with their own opinion.. just like the rest of us. No "pro" can tell me MY likes and dislikes, because the only "pro" at that is ME. For that reason, I really don't get why people put so much into pieces like this and reviews. Judge things for yourself.. don't let others decide for you.

NewMonday1898d ago

this game may have bigger Setpieces , new MP


* a big part of the GOW awesomeness is the set up and story, the big dangerous adversaries are all dead, even Kratos is dead, his story arc is complete.

* the expectations of gamers have changed, going from stage to stage in a liner manner is now dated, game-worlds need to have a wholesome connected feeling, like Batman AC, Tomb Raider and Zelda.

morganfell1898d ago

Well mr irishguy with a long record of playstation hate. Do you not think the validity of your remarks is stacked against your record of comments?

The title of this article, particularly in light of the score is inexcusable. Either the title is correct or the body of writing and score is on the mark. Considering this site like all others has no idea what the word "standards means", much less do they publish any, well, do the math.

I have stated this before on this site and it is in my record, psu is one of the most anti-Playstation sites around. They live for the click. This is not the only article where desperation has driven them to flamebait.

As I stated the other day, controversy is the last line of defense for the untalented hack as they strive to remain relevant.

Omegasyde1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I like it better than the PSP games (but thats like comparing apples to oranges).

I also really like the multiplayer- it reminds be of gauntlet with other people. But even so, this game's singleplayer probably didn't have as much polish due to a big focus on the Multiplayer (hypothesis)

Granted it is odd for the site to give the game a 9/10 one day, then bash it the next. It might be different writers, but it's still under the same PSU umbrella.

It's like rating a movie as a must see, but then the next day say the acting sucks. (Think transformers 2.)

creatchee1898d ago


"I have stated this before on this site and it is in my record, psu is one of the most anti-Playstation sites around. They live for the click. This is not the only article where desperation has driven them to flamebait."

Have you finally lost your mind or are you trolling? The PSU in stands for Playstation Universe and the site covers the Playstation brand almost exclusively. Are you trying to say that it's all an elaborate ruse by an XBOX fanboy to spread Playstation hate and get hits? Because that sounds logical.

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Walker1898d ago

But he's right, just look at the GOW series metascores in (GOW:94, GOW2:93, GOW3:92) . Ascension is a weak installment in the series !

Unicron1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I find it funny when a bigger better sequel, almost universally praised such as gow2, gets a lower score. Scores still be dumb, IMHO.

zlpw0ker1898d ago Show
DevilishSix1898d ago

I think Ascension is more towards the middle of the pack. This is how I would rate them.

1. GOW 2
2. GOW 3
3. Ghost of Sparta
4. Ascension
5. GOW 1
6. Chains of Olympus

I realize that is just my opinion, but I have played them all multiple times and was there Day 1 for GOW 1. I know some won't agree with my Ascension over GOW 1, but GOW 1 doesn't hold up that well after playing the others. It was the first so the controls are less refined and geesh the platforming is terrible because of the platforming designs (example the level where you only have seconds to jump across all those moving platforms with moving saw blades then shoulder bash to reach the gate before it closes...horrible platforming design). Also GOW 1 bosses are weak.

Good_Guy_Jamal1898d ago

Because review scores are what matters! Lol so as long as it doesn't harm the precious meta score it's A-okay!

Y_51501898d ago

This game is the 3rd prequel for the series and it's the first prequel to launch on a home console. I think I havn't seen one comment saying something like: "A prequel? keep those one on the handhelds, if a new one for consoles make GOW IV!"

I myself is loving this new ("weak") installment to the series.

JoeReno1898d ago

I have been enjoying the game very much aswell UNTIL this afternoon when the game came to a hault for me. A glitch that well to go no further. There is suppost to be a glowing spot on the floor where i grapple, glowing dot. Driving me nuts. Chapter 5 after the puzzle room in the village. Anyone else have this glitch and if so, any advise on getting around it besides waiting on a patch?

Thanks in advance

colonel1791898d ago

A glitch happened to me in Tomb Raider. I was about to start the last mission (I think) and decided to go haunt all those collectibles first, but then I got killed and I respawned in an empty workd standing on nothingness. I died, started the checkpint again, quit the game, deleted the patch, everything, and the game still respawn me there.

One of the reasons I hate autosave. They don't let you do a backup at least.
So I lost everything I had of the game, and I really don't want to start the game over again. It really sucks!..

BLAKHOODe1898d ago

I'm not too far into the game, but so far it's impressed me with the MONSTER size EPIC boss battles.

mayberry1898d ago

I'm not too far into it either, and totally agree. Definitly not a disapointment for me. Not only are the boss battles very well thought out, the story is great too. A stunning game, IMHO.

clintagious6501898d ago

Just finished the area with the moving snake & I gotta say the boss battles been AMAZING & the platforming in this god of war seems really well done. So far so good.

Yodagamer1898d ago

Its definitely the lowest metacritic score of the console titles, can't wait to get my hands on it though XD

BanBrother1898d ago

Actually, it is THE lowest. The handhelds are around the 90 mark as well. Reviewershave just become harsher towards the end of this gen.

Yodagamer1898d ago

Well I didn't feel like I should compare the console and handheld games as there are different expectations involved. So I'm keeping this within the console god of war games.

BanBrother1898d ago


My only gripe with the reviews for this game is that a lot of them mention it is more of the same. So it is being unfairly reviewed. It should be reviewed for what it is, not because it is 'more of the same'. Need I mention that CoD (and to an extent Battlefield) get away with this? Could it be that EA and Activision advertising $$$ is higher?

HarryMasonHerpderp1898d ago

To be fair the handheld games hold up really well against the console games in my opinion.
I just bought the GOW Collection 2 on PSN for £10 and I am currently going the Ghost Of Sparta and I'm having a blast with it. I was put off buying them originally as I thought they would be downgraded versions but I've been pleasantly surprised. I recommend every GOW fan to buy this collection.

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