Analogue Interactive Launches $1299+ 'Black Label' CMVS Neo Geo Consoles

Hardcore Gamer: While price of the original console wasn't exactly low, retailing at $649 for the console and $199 for the arcade stick, the new "Black Label" line is the Ferrari of gaming consoles and blows the notion of the console being intended for the average gamer out of the water.

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GenericNameHere1986d ago

$12999??!! JEEZ!! Not even high-end PCs cost THAT much! WTF!!
A console made out of wood... No matter how rare or beautiful the different types of woods used, it's still wood, and I would NEVER pay that much for just a wood casing.

That's just me though. Some people may like this, and I'll call you crazy at first, but it's your money. You decide whatever you want to spend it on :S