Army of Two: Devil's Cartel (Coop) - First Impressions featuring Rachel

Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel is a third-person oriented tactical shooter, designed from the ground up to focus on co-op gameplay. The third game in EA's Army of Two franchise, in it players take on the roles of two mercenaries working for Trans World Operations (TWO) to protect a local Mexican politician from the drug cartels running wild in that country. Game features include: online and local co-op, online versus multiplayer support, two new characters - Alpha and Bravo, over-the-top "overkill" power which accumulates based on players' use of co-op tactics, customizable gear and weapons, in-game environments that can be used as cover or destroyed to get at enemies.


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Vocino1982d ago

Thanks for the approvals.

Y_51501982d ago

I was surprised, it plays like a Army of Two game. I thought they'd change the series too much but now after playing the demo, it seems promising now!

Vocino1982d ago

I agree. I thought the controls were very much improved. It feels overall a lot snappier and put together better.

Captain Qwark 91981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

agreed! i loved the first game but the controls needed work. never played the full second one but gave the demo a shot and the controls were horrible. played this demo last night and they were spot on! game itself seems really good. i think ill pick it up

masa20091981d ago

Oh wow, they changed the split screen ratio.
This is getting worse and worse.

AusRogo1981d ago

Honestly, Army of Two is one of the best for co op. Will be getting this!

IK IR Y IP T1981d ago

Def getting this game all the army of twos have been great co op thus far ! dam the two playing this demo are garbage !!