GamerPops Review: LEGO City Undercover

Greg writes "Every time I thought LEGO City Undercover had reached its peak of awesomeness, it managed to go one step further. As you immerse yourself in this colorful and zany world, there's so much to see and do and experience, then HOLY COW I'M RIDING A GIANT T-REX SKELETON THROUGH THE STREETS!!!"

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PopRocks3591926d ago

So... I once mentioned that Game Informer gave this game an 8.5 and someone said they only did that because Gamestop wanted to forward used game sales or something.

So is there some mystical conspiracy theory here too, or can these guys actually believably like this game?

GamerPops1926d ago

Obviously, we loved the game, so I can say that it's believable that Game Informer gave it a legit 8.5. It's not for everyone, but it's got very broad appeal and a lot to like. Don't expect it to replace CoD or Halo, but it is fun in its own way.

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FlyingFoxy1926d ago

Wait, replace CoD or Halo? those are 2 completely different games you are talking about. Why would an open world game be a replacement for an FPS?.

and FYI, Halo is getting so many releases it might as well be called Call of Halo.. both games seem to be bland as well, Halo is nothing special and i didn't like it when i played it before. There's other FPS much better made than Halo and a lot more fun.

GamerPops1925d ago

I just meant don't expect this fun all ages game to replace your favorite M rated shooter, because it's going to provide a different experience.

BanBrother1926d ago

So EDGE give it a 5, and these guys give it a 10? Is anyone else seriously f***ing confused when it comes to reviewers? Not saying who is right or wrong, but how can supposed 'professionals' have such conflicting opinions? Boggles the mind.

GamerEuphoria1926d ago

At the end of the day...a review is simply an opinion. Some hate what others love

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classic2001926d ago

Wait for more reviews, so far its looking like that game that some people hate while some love. Maybe it will swing in one position totally when everybody starts releasing the reviews.

banditscout1926d ago

Meh, I think it's if nothing else worth a shot...Especially considering the lack of new Wii U releases. I want/need something to play on my new $350 console, ya know?

GamerPops1925d ago

Just to back up our score, our focus is on family oriented games, so our review criteria are different from other sites.

While LEGO City Underground lacks the co-op of the other LEGO titles, we feel this is an outstanding game for kids and parents alike with a so many of the attributes we look for a good family game.

I would wager the EDGE score isn't considering younger gamers when it assigns a 5/10. But my 3 year old can't get enough of driving and flying in the game, and that's not something most core review sites are too concerned with. Which is why it's good to have diverse viewpoints!

BanBrother1925d ago


I think people misinterpreted my comment. I basically didn't want to say "EDGE f***ing suck", as I think your review, along with most others are 'more correct'. Most reviews back up your claims, but how can EDGE be so far off the mark?

Sorry for the confusion. I just didn't want to outright say that EDGE are stupid so as to not offend anyone lol. I freaking love LEGO games, as they are good for adults and kids.

Venox20081925d ago

check out other edge's scores on other good games, you'll see that their scores usually are lower almost all the time, maybe they are reviewing games on hangover? :)

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1926d ago

This is why, I don't trust one review.
(Edge's Review was harsh)

Other pRO reviews have been far more favorable.
But I'm waiting on the Customer Reviews to make sense of the score range.

Reading this review kind of makes me think the reviewer was too cool for the game. Or that he was expecting it to be More like GTA. - It seemed more like he had a problem with the humor.

FlyingFoxy1926d ago

I have some hopes for this game and the 3DS version, my only worry is what is there to do besides missions? are there side missions, activities.. mini games? can you run people over or do they just dodge out of the way?

the problem with having a large world is having stuff to do in it, if it's bland then it's going to get boring very quickly.

GamerPops1925d ago

There's plenty to do besides the missions. There's 450 gold blocks, each representing something to collect or uncover, there's hundreds of vehicles and costumes to unlock, Super Builds to find, races and other little mini missions. As I said in the review, took me 15 hours or so to beat the missions, and I still have almost 70% to go to 100%, so there's a lot of play in the game.

And for the most part, the LEGO people get out of your way, though you can still run them down to a degree :)