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Submitted by Nova_Crystallis 1062d ago | news

Hajime Tabata: We did experiment with a Final Fantasy Type-0 HD version

At one point, Square Enix did experiment with a HD version of Final Fantasy Type-0. (Final Fantasy Type-0, PSP)

jc48573  +   1062d ago
square enix is good at making excuses.
zeal0us  +   1062d ago
True but not like Gearbox

SE how about experimenting with releasing type-0 in the US/EU already, jeez.
sinncross  +   1062d ago
They canned it when ti was something like 90% complete on localisation.

SE are idiots... really wish they would at least consider a PSV enhanced port. That would sell like crazy.
Godmars290  +   1062d ago
"square enix is good at making excuses."
No they're not. They may made excuses bu they're not good ones.

The sad thing is that if they had simply put out an upscaled PSP version and released that on the PS3 it would have been good enough for fans. Millions of them.

But no. Because square lives by some overrated standard they've yet actually live up to, the game's graphic would have to be equal to FF13 - and we all know how fundamentally crippled that game was!

At this point I wish they'd just close the JP studios and let Edios carry them. Stop insulting us.
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MooseyXTC  +   1062d ago
Good at making excuses?
I've heard no excuse for how long its taken to even MENTION FF Versus XIII.
Namikaze_Minato  +   1062d ago
Dear Square-Enix,

If you want money, than do it!
Root  +   1062d ago instead of getting it localised for NA and Europe we could of had a HD version of it by now.

Bloody hell....Sqaure are just a bunch of morons

Final Fantasy Versus
Final Fantasy 7 remake
Final Fantasy 8 remake
Final Fantasy 9 remake
Final Fantasy 7/8/9 sequel
Final Fantasy 10 HD
Final Fantasy Type-0 for NA/Europe
Kingdom Hearts 3

All the stuff fans actually want and instead we get

Lightning, Lightning....more Lightning with side dish of nothing else except for that crappy Theatrhythm game and other stuff we don't want or care for.

Honestly they are too proud to admit they are in the wrong and that their ideas have failed. I mean the Fabula Nova Crystallis is a failure and yet they still can't move on from it.

Despite the fact they've had plenty of time to make Versus into FF15 and separate it from that silly Fabula Nova Crystallis crap I bet they haven't.
banjadude  +   1062d ago

Every time I see an employee from Square Enix speak, it builds up more frustration/rage in me.
porkChop  +   1062d ago
I've never seen a company so out of touch with its fans.
torchic  +   1062d ago
if you're still waiting for remakes that's your problem. they say it time and time again that it's impossible to properly remake the FFs on PSone with current technology. they'd rather NOT MESS IT UP and ruin the games' reputation than go in on a cash grab.

nobody ever asks for sequels to those games, but those are much more realistic demands.

Root sometimes I think you just say things to get the popular vote, as in you just go with what's popular and hip with the majority of the other users to try and nick yourself some bubbles.
TheGrimReaper  +   1062d ago
"they say it time and time again that it's impossible to properly remake the FFs on PSone with current technology"

You know what? They could make proper remakes BUT it would cost them a lot of money. You are trying to tell me SE don't want to go in on a cash grab? e.g. FF III for Android & iPhone says hi!
Why should they make a remake of the old games when their current engine isn't suited for these games? It wouldn't be profitable.

But I am glad they don't do remakes of 7/8/9 because after playing XIII and XIII-2 I am damn sure they'd find a way to even ruin a straight remake.
Show us your next FF and hopefully it'll be great again. Afterwards you may think about touching these gems of gaming.
Root  +   1062d ago
"if you're still waiting for remakes that's your problem."

Don't try and turn this around and defend Sqaure. We, not just me, have been wanting remakes for's the fact that they don't listen to what their fanbase wants.

"nobody ever asks for sequels to those games, but those are much more realistic demands."

I think you find that there are more requested then another FF13 game.

"Root sometimes I think you just say things to get the popular vote, as in you just go with what's popular and hip with the majority of the other users to try and nick yourself some bubbles."

Or maybe thats just what I think. Don't be an ass torchic like you do on most of your comments towards people. I've never fished for bubbles, trusts me you can see some of my comments are never near what's popular.

Honestly people like you on here is why we have so many arguments. Just stay on topic...jesus
NeXXXuS  +   1062d ago
Fire Wada, bring back Sakaguchi. Problem solved. Doubt that's ever gonna happen though T_T

We miss you Sakaguchi.
Godmars290  +   1062d ago
Sakaguchi is the reason Wada is in charge.

Sakaguchi screwed up with the movie (studio) and all but bankrupted the company.

He probably still has the skills as a dev, but isn't a good manager.
xursz  +   1062d ago
All those remakes aren't neccesary.. Get Versus Xiii and KH3 out and type-0 localized and we're good. FFX hd and Type-0 hd is like bonuses.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1062d ago
Oh they experimented with something else we would've never got. Good looking out for us Square /s.
BitbyDeath  +   1062d ago
Wonder if we'll see another FFVII remake at E3 this year.
knifefight  +   1062d ago
I know that will we see game journalists talking about "rumors" of it, that's for sure. Just like every E3 and TGS since like 2007.
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nigelp520  +   1062d ago
Final Fantasy 8 sequel/spinoff/ or remake
Kingdom Hearts 3
Einhander 2
The Bouncer 2
Final Fantasy 7 HD
Bushido Blade 3
sashimi  +   1062d ago
I fkin hate SE...Seriously I rather have no news than all this nonsense. They will be getting no money from money!
Inception  +   1062d ago
Hey SE, last year i saved my money exclusively just to buy eng ver of Type-0. But what? until now you never show me the release date. So yeah, if you still want my money than release this on PS3/Vita ASAP. I don't care if the english dub are bad or you only include japan dub.
belac09  +   1062d ago
bunch of douche canoes.
CLOUD1983  +   1062d ago
Type-0 is the only game I read good impressions from anything SE did in the current generation & although millions of fans w8 for very long time now to try it SE refuse to release it out of JPN... it's like they do it intentional to piss off fans even more, they seriously made their purpose in life to mock every last one fan they still have until every1 abandon them the guys r retards & clowns they don't give a fck about what fans want they always do the opposite so fck them it's not worth it to expect anything from them.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1062d ago
Square is so horrible now. They have no foresight to touch Type 0 up and put it on the Vita, or the PSN as a PSP title playable on the Vita? It's seriously an insult to everyone that loved Square. We watched them grow, create wonders, and we have watched them decay. The birth and death of something revolutionary has passed.
Godmars290  +   1062d ago
As bad as it is to say, I doubt the HD FF10 is still a PS3 title. Is PSV only.
tarbis  +   1062d ago
Just freaking localize it and put it on both PSP and PSV and be quick about it. That's all the fans care.
devilhunterx  +   1062d ago
tubers  +   1062d ago
Come on SE :)

FF Type-0 HD for the VITA would be nifty specially if you release it internationally (in Eng.) :D
GenericNameHere  +   1062d ago
Hey Square, guess what? You release an upscaled version of Type-0, and I will buy. Heck, you give me the same game, with the same graphics, on the PS3 and/or Vita outside of Japan, and I and millions of fans will buy it. Heck, you can even release a 5 minute playable demo of FFvXIII on the PS Store for $5, and I WILL buy it.

But hey, I heard you don't like money. So, I guess I'll just go buy another expensive $4 DLC for Disagea 4 then.

... If Square reads this and still won't release the games we ACTUALLY WANT, then I have no faith in them anymore (although, I probably already have lost complete faith in them when they showed the same Agni's Philosophy CG Trailer we saw back last year, and for trolling us by showing NOTHING NEW, and making us wait for E3 instead of at the PS4 announcement for the new, probably horrible, FF)
Max-Zorin  +   1062d ago
It seem like they don't like money. Instead of taking pages out of Capcom's ignore-our-fans book, they need to give the fans what they want. And they need to get over Lightning. They're adding more irritation.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1062d ago
Crisis Core and Type-0 in HD would be great

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