Here comes Ouya, the $99 gaming console Julie Uhrman needed $950,000 from Kickstarter in less than a month to make her dream of an affordable, free-to-play gaming console a reality. She got it in eight hours and nearly $8 million more after that. And so was born Ouya, a $99 console that's shaped like and is just a hair bigger than a Rubik's Cube. It runs on Google's Android operating system and requires developers to offer a version of their games for free.

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aceitman1956d ago

the thing I don't like is they say 99$ for the console but u need to spend 50$ for a controller, so they should say 150$ for it and not 99$ , y buy a console when u cant play it without a controller.

porkChop1956d ago

Yeah it's really false advertising. That "$99" console isn't ready to play out of the box.

KelvinGeovanny1956d ago

What the %$&^ are you both talking about the console includes one controller for $99

bunt-custardly1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Don't talk shit guys without researching your claims.

Product Features

Includes: 1 OUYA wireless controller/Case:
Sand-blasted Aluminum and Plastic
CPU: nVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core / Memory: 1GB RAM
Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 82mm (2.9in x 2.9in x 3.2in) / Weight: 300g (10.5 oz)
Storage: 8GB Internal Flash Storage (expandable via USB Port) / USB: One USB 2.0 port, One Micro USB port
Connectivity: WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet port, and Bluetooth / Output: HDMI (up to 1080p HD)

Detoxx1955d ago

Porkchop and you just went full retard, never go full retard

porkChop1956d ago

"I remember growing up, playing with my sister ... I feel like we've lost that. I want to bring back the world of TV gaming."

It's almost as if the 360, Wii, and PS3 haven't sold roughly 250m units combined. You can't "bring back the world of TV gaming" if it never even left. It's still there and it's bigger than ever.

Anyway, for me personally, the Ouya is a waste of money for gaming. I already have an Android phone and tablet that are both just as powerful as the Ouya, and they let me play all the Android games I want. The only use I'd have for it is that for $99 it's a really good media player for Netflix, Youtube, etc. as my Tablet doesn't have an HDMI-out. But since it doesn't include the controller ($50) for that price, I'll just spend the $150 on a much better media hub.

joab7771956d ago

I thought this at first but for $99, i am gonna grab one for my nephew and maybe one for my neices. It hooks to their tv's and its cheaper than most tablets by alot. It will make any tv a smart tv. Its small and can be taken places. Also, i believe that if the base is large, many developers will make games for it. And they will be the best versions. Hell, its completely open to emulation software...oh and its $99.

Originally, i felt like u did. But my brother just bought some leap pad for my nephew. It was $125 and games r $25 and its nothing as niceas this. The more i think about it, the more brilliant it is. I could easily see it selling well at this pricepoint and releasing more powerful ones. Just wish i had thought of it first. She is gonna be a millionaire. Great job.

Yodagamer1956d ago

Where in the world did this "no controller included" come from. I'm sure knowing both this site and the internet there would have been millions are articles saying "ouya Doomeddddddd" if it were true.

Tiqila1955d ago

ouya isnt popular enough to be dooomed yet ;)

Oh_Yeah1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Ouya isn't a waste of money if you know what XBMC is.. Which will be available on the Ouya. Let me explain...XBMC can replace your cable box, your netflix, the need to rent movies...You can stream tv from all over the world including premium channels like hbo, nfl network, whatever your favorite TV shows are. And you'll be able to watch any movie...the latest movies as they come subscription fees. If anything I'd say that saves you a lot of money.

MasterCornholio1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

And it pretty much kills people thinking about using the 720 as a cable box unless they want to play real games.

I'm thinking about getting one so I can play all my ROMs on any TV that I want. The console is extremely portable so I can take it anywhere with me.

Motorola RAZR i

porkChop1955d ago

Did you not read my comment? I said it was good as a media hub. And yes I know what XBMC is as I have it on my PC.

Darth Stewie1956d ago

Ouya will fail because it doesn't have this mans support

nah It seems like a cool alternative for gamers.

joab7771956d ago

Lol. This may be thd beginning of something amazing actually. It will be all about getting the word out. But ppl drop all this money on phones and tablets...i could see millions dropping $100 on this.

ziggurcat1956d ago

... and there goes ouya, the failed gaming console.

Bathyj1956d ago

Ok, I havent been following this thing. I think I know why now.

Please, I'm not trolling it, (I know, people are always trolling when they say theyre not trolling.)
I just want to make sure I got all this straight.

Its android based but doesnt play the games in the Google store.

Its got the same processor as my phone, but less RAM.

Someone had to point out it needs an Ethernet and USB port.

The games need to be specifically designed for it and likely wont end up on any other consoles so devs really need to be sure they want to make this game.

You wont see any games on it that are on other consoles. The same franchises maybe, but they will be Ouya versions and will need to run through a Cloud service if they are console quality games and not simple phone games.

The games will either be free or have demos.

Devs will either have to make money by ads in the games, or by making a game say, like a shooter with a pistol, but then if you want a shotty you have to buy one.

I'm sorry, I know I'm sounding really negative, but the console sounds really unappealing to me. I can see a real problem with 3rd party support, which I assume is their olnly party unless they have bought inhouse studios.

I cant see why any devs would want to go to the effort of making games on this, and even if they did, I cant see why I would want to play them.

The whole thing sounds like someone was just drinking with mates and said, dude, what if we made our own console, and thanks to Kickstarter they did.

Oh well, good luck to them, they'll need it, as does everyone and they certainly are brave. We'll see how it turns out.

Yodagamer1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I might get it down the line, but knowing how open the console is to open source programs i'm more than sure it will see the google play store on it and since it's a tegra processor most of the games will work fine. The free to play requirement is only for a little while from my understanding. They recently did a program for devs to apply for some funding with that extra kickstarter money, so i don't think they'll have too many problems with exclusives for the first year or so.

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