In pics: Weird games you never knew existed

When they aren't making clichéd war epics and action games, developers tend to lean a little too close to crazy town.

Stalin vs Martians, for example, isn't quite the politically motivated strategy game you might expect it to be. Instead, it falls back on the infamous Soviet leader's formidable military regime as fodder for its ridiculous plot. Yes, you really do control Soviet soldiers in battles against invading martians.
What happens when you bundle puzzles, horror and erotic fiction together? You get Catherine, a ruthless game so ridiculous you'll wonder how anyone managed to come up with its outrageous plot.

And then there's the Katamari Damacy series, which is hard to explain, but basically follows a prince that tries to remake the universe after his planet-sized dad destroyed it while on a drinking spree. Yes, that's the series' actual story.

How many of these weird games have you played?

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