Will All The Positive PS4 Vibes Disappear If It's Too Expensive?

Everyone seems to be happy about the PlayStation 4, but what if the price turns out to be steeper than expected? Will all the hype start to wane...?

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StrongMan1980d ago

No. The PS3 outsold it's competitor at twice the price at $600.

ritsuka6661980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

DSL 163,785
Wii 52,544
PSP 34,433
PS2 10,414
PS3 8,839

Media create 2007.....Sales of Sony are below of Nintendo. Anyway, I don't think Sony will release PS4 at a lower price in Japan.

Hicken1979d ago

So, that's worldwide sales for all systems for the year?


Then what the hell are you on about? That's not even monthly sales, but weekly. What type of information can be gleaned from that? What type of point were you trying to make?

Whatever it was, you failed, miserably.

piroh1979d ago

i´m willing to pay up to 500 euro, hope sony listen to us

Prodigy-X1980d ago

No, because Sony has learn from its mistakes with the PS3 launch. The PS4 will most likely launch starting at $399.

smashcrashbash1980d ago

Think about what you are saying.What exactly is too expensive? There is no way it could be the original price of the PS3 with new cheaper components and third parties wouldn't be on board if it turned out that Sony was selling it for a high price.So I doubt it will be too expensive as you put it. However I know what ever price they say people will claim it should be lower. If they said $199.00 people will ask 'Why not $99.00?'

miyamoto1979d ago

the fact AMD got the deal with PS4 and not Nvidia already make the PS4 not expensive as PS3

portal_21980d ago

Yosp says Sony are 'flexible' on pricing.

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