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Xboxer360: "I feel that Tomb Raider is setting a new benchmark for action / adventure titles, it offers everything you need from this genre and then offers more with an extremely rich story and being alongside Lara as she grows as a person on the road to destiny. This is a game that belongs in every gamer’s collection."

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colonel1791832d ago

Excellent game no matter which platform you play it in!

e3kehoe1832d ago

One of MY has me engrossed. (Most ) other games have fallen off my radar.

greyhaven331831d ago

I agree, loving this game. Some of the vistas as you explore are breathtaking.

MrBT1828d ago

Such an awesome story too! I lost count of the times I stood about in awe of the graphics, the lighting effects looked stunning as did the wind blast coming through the caverns and in a ceratin secret tomb.