Mega Man Online Officially Cancelled

Mega Man Online has long-rumoured to have been cancelled, but now it’s been confirmed, with the developer cancelling the project last year after discussions with Capcom.

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vork771770d ago

oh why its not like we never saw this coming from the past Legends 3 and universe oh god i will never get over this

nick3091769d ago

Capcom became so awful, announcing games then canceling them, i stopped buying their games since the ps2 era /:

SilentNegotiator1768d ago

In other news, Megaman Universe is be cancelled.

knifefight1768d ago

Well that's it, I'm not buying this then!

sypher1768d ago

What is it with Mega Man games and cancellations :( disappointing

Wagz221768d ago

Its because Capcom realizes that they might release a good game and they could better utilize their time to make the next super awesome action packed Resident Evil game…

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The story is too old to be commented.