With Kickstarter Slowing, What Does This Mean for Developers and Publishers?

Crowdfunding has become a growing part of the consumer market, as people are now finding ways to bypass the need for major corporations to push out products. But a recent study has shown that Kickstarter has seen drop in the number of new projects, as well as a decline in the amount people who are willing to invest. What does this mean for crowdfunding as an option for independent game studios, and what does the future hold for publishers around the world? The Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss all in their second Q&A special.

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doctorstrange1900d ago

Make the Kickstarter trailers sexier

TrendyGamers1900d ago

The Veronica Mars movie reaching $2 million in less than a day will probably bring some more people back to Kickstarter.

kwyjibo1900d ago

It's not slowed by much. Torment at $2.5M, Shroud of the Avatar at $850k.

T3mpr1x1900d ago

Maybe smaller projects have slowed as bigger projects seem to get all the attention these days.

dbjj120881900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It means they have to come up with better ideas to galvanize unknown fan bases and get funding the old-fashioned way.

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