Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3DS technology

In developing its 3DS portable console, Nintendo infringed on a glasses-free 3D patent owned by a former Sony employee. That's according to a New York federal jury, which earlier today hit Nintendo with $30.2 million in damages. The patent in question — granted in 2008 — pertains to viewing 3D content without a need for specialized glasses, which is a major selling point of the 3DS.

Seijiro Tomita (who spent 30 years at Sony according to the court complaint) sued Nintendo in 2011 for infringing on his invention, claiming that he'd met with the gaming manufacturer in 2003 to discuss the technology. In its defense, Nintendo's attorney argued that Tomita was just one of several 3D purveyors it was in contact with at the time and that the 3D implementation in the portable device avoided key aspects of his patent.

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KangarooSam1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


Well, if only he was still at Sony, then the 3DS profits could go to something more useful than lining Iwata's pockets... like paying for Vita's marketing campaign ;)

xHeavYx1900d ago

Like the article said $30M is not a lot of money for Nintendo, they can just release "Pokemon, The Dressing Game" and they will get that money back in a day. What the article doesn't say is what will happen going forward

1900d ago
SHORYUKEN1900d ago

Only $30.2 million?

That is unbelievable cheap.

xursz1900d ago

Slow down there... If it was that easy you'd think they would have made that off the Wiiu by now...

If they can make 30mil off a Pokemon dressing game, make no mistake they would do it. Just saying...

GenericNameHere1900d ago

Pokémon is the #1 selling RPG franchise worldwide (if you don't count an MMO like WoW, where millions of people have spent $15 a month for the past 9 years). $30 Mil is CHEAP MONEY to Nintendo.
I know it's vgchartz, but it's almost accurate. Also, this data is old since B2/W2 aren't included yet.

miyamoto1900d ago

$30.2 million is a lot for one person.

But this Dreamcast guy was not so lucky. I wish he can also get justice.

So much for innovation, eh Hillcrest Labs?

darthv721899d ago

that in order to win a lawsuit, the evidence had to point to an actual use of the patents in question. As if to say that you were using the idea to its fullest intent with basically a point for point design.

But since companies wanted to avoid such issues, they change things around so not to be told they are using someone elses patent. The originator, would then not have a case.

Years have passed and changes made to now reflect even the slightest inclination of even the idea is now considered patent infringement. Nintendo talked with this guy (why he didnt give it to sony is strange enough considering he worked for them) but ultimately they went in a different direction.

No longer can you put your own spin on something that inspires you because you will get sued for just thinking about it. Isnt the idea behind improving on something else a reason many get into coming up with inventions in the first place?

See a need, fill a need.

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BullyMangler1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

So it SEEMS to be so, Nintendo bullying Sony employees?. hhoh!

Sniperwithacause1900d ago

Wow! Now that's the most realest news I've read today.

DarkHeroZX1900d ago

well..... guess nintendo isn't as innovative as people where saying lol. PSP like specs and stolen 3D tech.

Yolo I guess, nintendo problably thought it'd never catch up with them.

Yodagamer1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Psp specs? Lol, monster hunter tri, resident evil revelation and Kingdom heart 3d blows anything on the psp away.

chrisarsenalsavart1900d ago

god of war ghost of sparta is actually superior graphically than resident evil 3ds.
And for monster hunter and kingdom heart, they are pretty similar on both machines(considering that psp is nearly 7 years older than 3ds, i guess the LOL is on you.
So shut up you shall.

Yodagamer1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

And yet monster hunter tri demo looks better (while rendering it twice) than sparta and how is the lol on me, atleast i'm not the one spreading lies about the specs. Its almost a wii on the go with better shaders, so unless your gonna say the wii is weaker than the psp then please go ahead and make yourself look like an idiot.

GenericNameHere1900d ago

I'm not sure what DarkHero meant when he said "PSP like specs". Did he mean the 3DS stole PSP like graphics, or did the DS steal PSP like graphics? I disagreed with him anyway, just because he wasn't clear enough.

As for you, fake Yoda... Of course most games on the 3DS should BLOW anything on the PSP, and that should be how it is, as the 3DS is a generation ahead. If not, then it would be a stupid part on

MGS3 on 3DS is an "enhanced" (I put quotation marks because the HD versions came out a year earlier, looked a bajillion times better in most places, and was already more than $10 cheaper by then) port, while Peace Walker doesn't have a Vita release. It's still a PSP game that could be downloaded and played on the Vita upscaled.

badz1491899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

PSP is nearly 7 years old? it's already more than 8 years this year since its launch!

comparing the 3DS graphical capability to the PSP's and the brag about it is just beyond sad!

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SpiralTear1900d ago

You're reacting as if you knew it was "stolen tech" the whole time, which I'm pretty sure you didn't.

kB01900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

You can't say PSP like specs, you can say that it's surprisingly still comparable BUT ONLY End of Lifecyle games on PSP can even come close to the first gen 3DS games. As Devs start to unlock more and more of the 3Ds we will see a leap forward in power.

Let's not forget that the 3Ds is held back by the 3D itself. If they turned that off We'd see more from the tiny hand held:)

One of the only games that really stands out to come close to matching graphics would be MGS 3 and Peace walker on Vita.

Both, unfortunately Run at 20 fps locked. The only difference is the 3Ds version dips in frames horribly, yet has more detailed textures while Peace walker maintains a steady 20 fps but has some pretty bland textures at times.

Either way, Konami crapped on the 3Ds with MGS3DS, unoptimized and a mess of a game...when compared to the PS vita version that runs 60 fps and graphics still look better....I know the Vita is a lot more powerful than the 3Ds, but 3Ds should've easily been able to handle 30 fps Steady or EVEN 20fps STEADY with 0 tearing or drips.

Anyways, on topic, I saw this coming. They had some patent issues even before launch if any1 remembers articles.

It's unfortunate to see this, but a few months down the road, we will forget this:)

Games Looking forward to: Luigi's and DonkeyKong and Soul Sacrifice for Vita.


DarkHeroZX1900d ago

there's nothing to unlock for 3DS. The best looking game on 3ds looks almost as good as gamecube.

MasterCornholio1899d ago

MGS3 on the Vita was just a simple port of the console versions. Which is why it was so easy to get the game running well on the Vita. However since the 3DS was so weak it couldn't handle a port of the console versions so Kojima had to rebuild the game engine just for the 3DS. But even after all the optimization (the game was made specially for the 3DS and it wasn't a straight port) they couldn't get it to run on the 3DS at more than 30 FPS.

The lesson here is that in terms of hardware capabilities the Vita is a lot more powerful than the 3DS.

Nintendo is famous for producing devices with extremely weak hardware but people buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo games.

Motorola RAZR i

kB01899d ago

THe VIta version wasn't just "a simple port" of the console versions, the Vita's Hardware is completely different and it was stated that it need a lot of optimization to get it to run the way it did.

And again, the 3DS mgs was LOCKED at 20 fps, please try to learn facts between combining opinions with assumptions in your comment.

I'm not defending either console, I'm simply saying there is still a lot to see from both. As good as Uncharted looked, we thought that this was the vita maxed look at Killzone!

If people take the time to program on both devices properly, we'll see some great looking games.

They managed to get Donkey Kong 3D on the handheld and that game looks fantastic! Same with Luigi's, which seems to look better than the Gamecube version :)

DarkHeroZX1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

"The VIta version wasn't just "a simple port" of the console versions, the Vita's Hardware is completely different and it was stated that it need a lot of optimization to get it to run the way it did."

Actually it was, the resolution was just scaled down. Kojima was able to get MGS4 running on vita hardware with very little optimization

"And again, the 3DS mgs was LOCKED at 20 fps, please try to learn facts between combining opinions with assumptions in your comment"

That's terrible dude, I played the full game and it was clunky. The PS3,360, and Vita version where all locked at 60fps with higher resolutions.

"They managed to get Donkey Kong 3D on the handheld and that game looks fantastic! Same with Luigi's, which seems to look better than the Gamecube version :)"

That's not an accomplishment at all. DK, Mario, Pokemon, etc. looking good is far from amazing because they aren't realistic. If the Vita was able to get those games they'd look better, have a much higher frame rate, and have all the multitasking features like in game music, cross chat. Can't even attempt to do all those things on a 3ds. And here's some graphical comparisons on the gap between the two visually.

They rayman orgin version is also more laggy then the Vita if you actually own play them side by side.

kB01899d ago

Your simply just taking observations and treating them like facts. Remember the MGS 4 was mostly a tech demo, and was introduced in a controlled environment.

I'm not trashing the Vita, it's my prefered console, I'm just saying it's not fair to put down the 3Ds based on it's much stronger foe.

THe console has it's share of capabilities, for example texture work does look better in 3D because of the extra frames per Eye.

Also I agree 20 fps isn't idea, I personally prefer 60 fps over anything (which is why NInja gaiden was a bit of a bummer at 30 fps), but it was more than playable on the PSP with PEace walker, I put in more than 100 hours in that game.

Also if we start dissecting that some games will look better on different hardware (Mario would look better on ps3 or vita etc), well then I mean all our convos would go down the drain and the gaming market would plummet down to just those 2 consoles.

In terms of Art work, the 3Ds has some amazing art work where the graphics SIMPLY works. The fact that the Vita doesn't have is a limitation of the System, just not a physical one.

Also Ridge racer was a bad comparison...I mean the game was crap on Vita...yes it did look better but the 3Ds one was actually decent. Vice versa with asphalt...crap on 3DS and pretty decent on Vita.

Rayman I agree, they dropped the ball...but I mean as with most Ubisoft titles, it was a port job, they did poor ports of many games, including splinter cell 3Ds and even Rayman 3D.

Other games where the Vita had advantage was Spy hunter and F1....

So yes, I mentioned that the Vita is VERY powerful...way more powerful than 3Ds, but the 3Ds has enough pull to put out some great looking titles.

Mario games aren't meant to be realistic, but their cute animations and colors works...making their art work look better than a lot of games.

I'll state a gain, the 3Ds could get a little more boost if the 3D was disabled, seeing as it needs to double each frame.

Frankly you'd have nothing to loose to own both consoles:)

I'm about ready to say that since I have both, I barely touch my PS3 or Wii, because they fill in the gap enough:D

So don't argue a mute point, I never stated the 3Ds was more powerful if you re read my previous post. I merely stated that the 3Ds has it's own advantages:).

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Utalkin2me1900d ago

Well Nintendo bought rights from gyro for wii remote. Then they pull this with the 3ds. So something will happen with wii u im sure, they never innovate they just rehash their classic games and just copy or buy innovation, and make it main stream.

Deku-Johnny1900d ago

Nintendo got the idea for a touchscreen on the gamepad from the DS's dual screen. They can't sue themselves.

OMNlPOTENT1900d ago

That's like saying Sony stole the idea for portable gaming from Nintendo and they should sue them for it. I think they just did the only "glasses free 3d" design that was available. Also, no one uses "YOLO" anymore.

BitbyDeath1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

'Also, no one uses "YOLO" anymore.'

You not seen this before?

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Yodagamer1900d ago

Kinda surprised he won, it has to be one of the few times nintendo has been sued and actually lost the legal battle. It probably won't hurt them in the long run though.

GribbleGrunger1900d ago

mmmm... I'd better fill my backpack with this stuff, I might need it at some point in the future.

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