Payday 2 - Preview and Gameplay Video - Stealth versus Force

From PS3 Attitude: "Payday 2 is the forthcoming sequel to Payday: The Heist, the co-operative first-person shooter that made you the bad guy, attempting to rob from the rich to give to yourself. PS3 Attitude were invited to a preview of the altogether bigger and broader ‘rob-em-up’.

As with the original title, the first thing you’ll notice with Payday 2 is the inability to play it if you, or anyone in the room, is coulrophobic. Yes, the scary clown masks are back and even more customisable than ever. In fact, that is the one thing you can say right across the board in Payday 2 – everything from the weapons through to the missions is bigger, more involving and includes greater options than the original..."

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