IGN: The 14 Stupidest Things We Did This Generation

For the most part gamers are a pretty smart bunch. We're good puzzle-solvers and lateral-thinkers. But it's time to admit that we did some very stupid things this generation too:

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Prodigy-X1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Gave COD high undeserved reviews.

zeal0us1981d ago

That can be said about so many other games. Especially the ones that launch with game crashing bugs and glitches.

mochachino1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

My number 1 was paying approximately $300 on Xbox Live over the gen to play games online when every other device on the planet offers it free. Never again. And no, it's really not that much better than other offerings, at least not worth a new AAA game a year. Not even close. I feel stupid for paying for it. It's not even the amount, I can afford it easily without even noticing, it's the principle. I just can't support those business practices.

TheEnigma3131981d ago

I decided not to renew my Live. It's not worth it for me. I hope the 360 changes this or try to go the ps plus route. I doubt it though.

Septic1981d ago

Well its unfortunate that you regret paying the fees for Xbox Live, but I personally thought it was worth it (I certainly didn't pay $300 for Xbox Live over this gen- there are plenty of deals out there where you pay more or less half the standard subcription).

"And no, it's really not that much better than other offerings"

That is your opinion but for someone like me, who plays online with mates, I didn't really have time to faff around with the PS3's lack of social functionality and other things such as mandatory installs and long update installation times. The PS3 was, and shockingly, still is woeful in this regard.

I understand that with PS+, there is better value for your money in terms of content, but its lack of the aforementioned fundamental features are what made Xbox Live worth the fee.

spaceg0st1981d ago

if you feel stupid for paying it... it's most likely because you are. Either through ebay or craigslist, i've never spent more than $35 for a 12 month card. And i've been on for over 5 years. And yes, it IS worth spending the money on. (that being if you have actual friends to play with) Ease of use, party systems/chat...etc.

mochachino1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

It's stupid to pay anything for it. Maybe that's why the only country 360 sold more was in the US because in Canada the average Craiglist deal is $50..and even at $35 too much hassles for something that really should just be free.

But enjoy throwing your money away, as long it makes you feel good I guess?

MrBeatdown1981d ago

That gif for #2 is priceless.

younglj011981d ago

#1 for me is whomever started the phrase "fanboy"....

Philoctetes1981d ago

Was anybody actually hyped for Duke Nukem Forever? I thought it was pretty clear all along that that game was going to be horrible.