The PlayStation Vita Would Be Better With These Features

DualShockers Writes: "After being blown away by Persona 3 FES and Persona 4: Arena, I was absolutely eager to play Persona 4: Golden. I was so eager, in fact, that I caved and went out and obtained one of the neat Assassin’s Creed Liberation Vita bundles – just to play Golden. After playing said game for nearly 150 hours, I feel like my purchase was for the most part justified. However, after examining and getting to know the Vita, I notice several missing features and functions that would make the handheld – in my opinion – much better.

These are mostly minor nuisances and probably aren’t game changing if you’d planned on picking up a Vita yourself, but I honestly believe Sony could address them to make the console much stronger."

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Neckbear1981d ago

I'd love to see PS2 games and a customizable UI. The Vita's current UI is nothing short of hideous, after all.

Kur01981d ago

I think its ok, just need to redesign the bubbles and add folders.

Blastoise1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yeah I'd like to be able to group my bubbles. Put all apps into one app bubble and all games into a gaming bubble for example. Saves me having to go through about 4 screens

1981d ago
Y_51501981d ago

Bubbles in bubbles sounds cool!

guitarded771981d ago

Custom themes would be great. I know I'm in the minority, but I'd like the option to have the XMB. Also... not on the list, but a flash for the camera would be great, and of course, an HDMI.

Yi-Long1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

... considering all the stuff it does -RIGHT- (OLED screen, powerful specs, innovative touch-screens, camera, 2 analogue sticks, etc)...

... that it's a shame that so many opportunities were missed in other areas (the ridiculously expensive memory-cards, no HDMI-out, no .MKV-support, etc etc)

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Yodagamer1981d ago

I kinda preferred the xmb, sliding through the menu would be perfect on a touch screen

Lockon1981d ago


Vita UI is good. You're just mad because you don't have as many bubbles on N4G as you have in your vita.

miyamoto1981d ago

hideous enough for Apple and Nokia to copy?

killcycle1980d ago

even the new Xbox design was a cross bar set up

miyamoto1980d ago

LOL at disagrees!
Apple has been "inspired" by Sony ever since

Here see for your selves

miyamoto1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

here this will explain

Apple has admitted they look at Sony's industrial designs for "inspiration"

Vita inspired the new iPod UI

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Psn8001980d ago

That would be great .

Blaze9291980d ago

HDMI output, thats all I want

lilbrat231980d ago

I would love to see Themes

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mandf1981d ago

A nice insightful article. I would love more apps. I like the idea of custom themes or an xmb bar.

a_bro1981d ago

full html5 support pls, thnx.

Veneno1981d ago

Uhhhh...... Playing music in games is totally a feature the Vita has, but it only works with Vita and Playstation Mobile games, not psp or psone.

Now that I think of it there is only one Vita game in my collection that doesnt do in game music, when vikings attack, but thats only one out of 15 that I have. Its probably just an exception, not the normal.

But Vita absolutely needs PS2 classics support. I would buy at least 5 of those games on day 1. I dont want to play them on ps3.

smashman981980d ago

U stole the words outta my mouth custom soundtrack is awesome and I use it all the time

Ps2 classics are coming soon I can feel it.... In my belly

tubers1980d ago

I hope all future games support it. A few games disable the "custom" music player feature.

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