Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 beta hoaxes rope in thousands

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will be giving away free beta consoles for gamers to keep once their testing phases are complete, or at least that's what certain Facebook pages would have you believe.

According to information discovered by today, there are two separate Facebook pages for the respective consoles, they are alleging that if fans of either site like their page and share a specific photo, those people will be entered into a random drawing, which will supposedly reward a select few with free next-generation consoles.

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pangitkqb1862d ago

Some people will believe almost anything.

JoeReno1862d ago

One of my FB friends just posted this (fake 720 page) and was like "ohmygwad, excited for this" hahaha i bet she never got her free ipad either.

bunt-custardly1862d ago

Interesting that examiner was the site presenting the hoaxes as news before they discovered it was a hoax.