Tera: 500,000+ more players since going free-to-play

TGBuzz: Fantasy MMO game “Tera: Rising” has added more than 500,000 new players since the game changed to a free-to-play MMO, Gameforge announced today. “The total number of registered players for Tera: Rising now stands at a total of over a million”.

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ATi_Elite1831d ago

I've been playing TERA since almost Day 1 and it's very enjoyable. I paid for like 4 months then got some free months then started farming gold for more free months and now it's F2P.

I'm glad to see an uptick in users as the community is really good and friendly and TERA is easily one of the Best looking MMO's out next to Guild Wars 2.

Now we just need better enemy A.I.and some more content.

TERA Rising and Guild Wars 2 are my 2 favorite MMO-RPG's at the moment but I have my eyes on the upcoming NeverWinter and ArcheAge!!!