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Tomb Raider Continues to Prove That Sex Sells in Gaming

"The team at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have worked hard to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise and to present Lara Croft in a new light, beyond what the character was in the past. In the past the character was a kickass wonderchick with huge breasts and oozing with sex appeal. " | Explosion.com (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider 2013, Xbox 360)

Kur0  +   655d ago
I really don't think this is the case. You can say "sex sells" for MGS too 'cause Snake is wearing a skin-tight suit. Who's to say women don't buy the games to see Snake's butt? We know this isn't true because people buy MGS because the games are very good. This new Tomb Raider is surprisingly good even though it takes a lot from Uncharted and Arkham City. People are buying it because it looks good and Lara looks believable.
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cgoodno  +   654d ago
Horrible logic is horrible.

Essentially the author ascertains that because she is good looking, it must mean that the only reason male gamers are buying it. No proof needed to back this up, just a blatant stereotype of every single male gamer who has bought the game.

Thanks, but I bought it because it's a TPS with exploration and the gameplay looked fun. I was happy to have bought it, but replacing Lara with a male lead wouldn't have sullied me from purchasing. After all, I own and have completed every single Uncharted game on the PS3 as well.

Though, I do think putting a male lead in the exact story would see the trope of the Damsel in Distress being vastly renewed and the game would have received a ton of criticism for that alone as opposed to proving that a Damsel can be in distress while a strong female lead can be the one to do the butt kicking.
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smikey1123  +   655d ago | Well said
The arguments behind this is so very flawed it is almost ironic. To start off, you claim she is "under dressed for battle". Well this isn't a war game, so battle isn't what the character set off to engage in. Also you compare her to male characters in the same genre and say she is comparatively dressed. Then there should be no problem. Showing up in a bullet proof vest and tactical helmet to scale walls would be pretty absurd. Also this statement reeks of sexism itself being that because she is female she must dress a certain way or else she is being portrayed as an object of sexual desire. Then you go on to say that males buy it because they are males and she is attractive. More sexism, but that also takes away from the fact that this could possibly be a good game. It isn't like it is getting good reviews or anything..... oh wait. Poor argument used to bait and get hits. Sadly I bought in because I was curious.
Dlacy13g  +   655d ago
@smikey1123. Bravo... after reading your post you did two things: 1) Saved me from having to say what you already said. 2) Saved me from clicking to this site and read the utter garbage arguments.

I have played this reboot... I find little sexy about the new Lara Croft. I just find a new compelling lead character for a long time franchise going in a new direction.
JAMurida  +   655d ago
To add to what you said, if the person who wrote this article played the game, he/she would know that they were just going to look at ruins, not expecting to have to get into battle. Last time I checked, I don't need armor and guns to look at ruins.

And yes, that's all these articles are to me as well is baiting for hits. I wish N4G had a way to filter out opinion articles.

+ Bubbs
digitaleraser  +   654d ago
"Poor argument used to bait and get hits."

This. Easiest way to get an instant 200 degrees on N4G? Write a title with the word "sex" in it.
LessThan2Tflops  +   655d ago
TR sells because it's a damn good game
KangarooSam  +   655d ago
...and damn, she's got a nice pair of polygons.

This ^^^ is sarcasm, people. Yes, it's a good game.
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x5exotic  +   655d ago
Uncharted is more of a case than this with Ms. Pardon my ass and the other chick just standing there, despite not being main character.

OP is an idiot.
aliengmr  +   655d ago
I actually did not buy it for that reason.

I think its rather sexist to assume I did.
Number-Nine  +   655d ago
sex didnt sell anything. the quality of the game is what sold me.

i wish i could back-hand slap the writer of this "article".
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TuxedoMoon  +   655d ago
Sex DOES sell, but I don't think it sells well enough for games. If sex did sell, games like Xtreme beach volleyball would have been one of the best selling console game on earth. A lot of gamers buy GOOD GAMES. Gamers typically look for good gameplay and good graphics.

A lot of video game characters HAVE to look attractive to sell well. Male or female, the characters have to have some sort of appeal to them. No one wants to play as an ugly character. I think media in general aims to have good looking characters so people are attracted to them.

In the case of Tomb Raider, Lara has to look good and realistic enough to match the scenario she's in. When the ship got wrecked, she was wearing casual clothes and relaxing. That's why she's running around the island in those same clothes. I'm sure she could've have stolen a jacket or something from the bad guys, but that's a feature that doesn't exist in the game. Lara is an attractive character and her clothes do fit the scenario very well. She isn't wearing a battle Bikini or super shorts and high heels. She isn't doing any sexy poses either or flaunting how sexy she is.

IMO, saying that Tomb Raider sells only because Lara is hot is a disservice to the great work the developers did on the game. Give them more credit for making a great game that is selling pretty well.
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Buljo  +   655d ago
What? This is some grade A bullshit journalism has come to.
x5exotic  +   655d ago
Ares84HU  +   655d ago
Absolutely not!!

This new Tomb Raider sold because it's an awesome game. Not for any other reason.
Xer0_SiN  +   655d ago
how did sex sell in this game? she did nothing provacative, unless you call those screams and moans every other minute, selling LOL. don't get me wrong, it was a good game, best in the franchise. but sex certainly did not sell this game. a revamped frachise that hit all the right notes...almost, sold this game.
aLucidMind  +   655d ago
Moaning as her skull is bashed into a rock in the rapids counts as sex, didn't you know? XD

This "journalist" doesn't know what he's talking about; likely just trying to make it sound like the game sold because of fapping tweens rather than it being a good game out of disdain for the fact that a game he didn't like sold better than titles he loves. Wouldn't surprise me if that is his real reasoning.
infamousinfolite  +   655d ago
Reading these comments is great. They are all correct. Why this Tomb Raider is selling is not because of the quantity of what she has but the story and the gameplay. It kinda has that of "Lara Croft Begins" vibe to it.
sprinterboy  +   655d ago
I have watched a movie because it has sexy women in it, so sex sells in movies but I have never bought a computer game because of a female character, just my opinion.
Blacklash93  +   655d ago
I bought TR because it's a good game. Perhaps a some of the audience bought it with sex appeal being a big factor, I mean there are plenty of people like that, but I'd like to think people respect this as a game and Lara as an icon beyond the sex appeal.
SCW1982  +   655d ago
Wow this article couldn't be farther from the truth. I commend Crystal Dynamic for not making her a sex image in the slightest. She is a young woman who is in a horrible situation. And her boobs don't talk for her at all and no jiggling physics either. This is a horrible article and completely misses the mark. Talk about grasping at straws. Vote this garbage down.
mochachino  +   655d ago
I was actually disappointed by their effort to de-sexualize Laura. They reduced the realism. Boobs should have had some slight movement, irrespective of size. They gave her pants instead of traditional shorts, made her face less appealing, and gave her a very modest bottom.

In terms of Hollywood/TV standards, she would be sub par.

I hate when people cave to the ignorant masses. Only the people claiming sexism only see the sexy part of a person/character. They fail to even recognize that an attractive person isn't simply a sex object. In a sense it makes them more sexist than everyone else.

Probably the same people that see a women with big boobs and assumes she unintelligent and promiscuous.
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InTheLab  +   655d ago
She barely looked human prior to this game. How is her face less appealing?

Unless you find Real Dolls appealing...
kevnb  +   655d ago
so kratos raging around with his shirt off isnt comparable? Or what about dante in the opening scene of DMC, I bet that would be banned if it was a woman. Get a life people.
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Unicron  +   655d ago
The dual standard is a bit silly, isn't it? It's bad to objectify women with obscene proportions, but do it with a man and its fine. Kratos is the same as Lara to me in that respect.
kostchtchie_  +   654d ago
dam right man, people that make issue out of it are the real problem with this sort stuff in the gaming industry
MelonSaurus  +   655d ago
Sex sells. So what?
kostchtchie_  +   654d ago
exactly, these freaks with psychological issues need to just shut the fuck up and crawl back into there holes
Yodagamer  +   655d ago
I really fail to see how this game got sold on sex, the game almost seems like it's trying to do the opposite of that. I know the first ones did to a slight degree, but this one isn't even trying to do that.
mochachino  +   655d ago
The article couldn't be more wrong.

First of all, Laura isn't very sexualized in this version of Tomb Raider at all - she looks like a normal girl with above average breasts which we all see everyday (particularly in women her age) but she's covered in dirt and looks like hell, especially with that exhausted forlorn facial expression. She's not even wearing shorts anymore. I think the devs tried to hide "Laura Crofts" sexuality as much as possible.

Maybe the sales are a result of the gameplay and reviews foolish author!?

I bet devs wish making successful games was as easy as including an attractive female protagonist. It's actually laughable they made that argument.
ufo8mycat  +   655d ago
Tomb Raider continues to prove that amazing gameplay and great word of mouth because of THAT - sells.
optimus  +   655d ago
This article was probably written by some guy who still believes a "woman's place is in the kitchen"... If sex sells as he put it than those dead or alive volleyball games would have sold 50 million copies in the 1st week... The writer also didn't watch the making of the game that are unlocked while you play the game where the developers and the actress talk about why lara is dressed the way she is...

Personally, i find lara very sexy the way she is now because strong courageous women are very sexy to me. But i know i'm in the minority in that regard...

He acts like this tomb raider is one step forward for women's right's as if it was the 1st game to feature a heroin that kicked ass...i guess he never played metroid, which by the way has one sexy *#$ch. :p
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Th3 Chr0nic  +   654d ago
i got the impression it was written by a woman that just wants to be pissed about something. she was mad when tomb raider was all barbied up and now she is mad just simply for no reason and still claims sex sells when they made her(lara) look more natural and human instead of some out of proportion bimbo.

EDIT: oh wait author is someone named Dave Walsh.. hmm either he is gay or he did this for the hits.
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sjaakiejj  +   654d ago
Yeah, we'd never see a male character dress similarly in a game. Never.

Related image(s)
Th3 Chr0nic  +   654d ago
and this is why women dont get equal treatment they cry about all the time. cause when they do get it they still insist that isnt what it is.

they made her look normal and less like a barbie and some people still keep up the same old argument. but if we put a dyke on the cover they would be up in arms yet again.

the only way to avoid all this is just leave women out of main character slots like this, but then we will be slammed for doing that too.

in the end you just cant please most women, they will find something to twist and make an issue out of.
digitaleraser  +   654d ago
You're aware the article was written by a guy, right?
Th3 Chr0nic  +   654d ago
yes but it feels like it was written by a woman or someone with that outlook
digitaleraser  +   654d ago
Believing something doesn't make it true.

I'm a woman, and a feminist, and I'm of the opinion that the writer of the article has his head up his ass.
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Th3 Chr0nic  +   654d ago
good cause all he really said was "there is a pretty woman on the cover and that MUST mean ppl will buy just cause of that"
HonestDragon  +   654d ago
Warning: major sarcasm inbound. Yeah, because we all remember that one trailer with Lara in the wilderness with her washing off in rainwater and without her top on. Oh, that's right, it never happened! Sarcasm has ended.

What the hell is this guy on about? "Tomb Raider Continues to Prove That Sex Sells in Gaming"? Seriously, guy, what are you smoking?

"What seems to be a big selling point for the game, still, though, is that Lara Croft is a woman and no matter what, women have a long way to go in the boys’ club that is gaming."

Sure, because this reboot had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Crystal Dynamics worked hard at reinventing the series, but kept to what it's known for. Not one single male gamer was interested in having just a great Tomb Raider game. Get off your soapbox! Tomb Raider has sold over one million copies and it was not due to sex.

"Male fans will still be picking up the game because it features an attractive female lead character who even if she isn’t busting out of her clothing anymore, she is still not exactly dressed for battle like you’d imagine a male character would be in a game like this."

Yeah, because most people would be totally and completely equipped after they get shipwrecked on an island. Wait, that's right, no one would! And, "...not exactly dressed for battle...". Have you been living under a rock? Have you seen even a sliver of other games that have characters who are clearly not dressed for combat or survival situations, yet they fight and hunt anyway?

"You really do have to tip your hat at Crystal Dynamics, though, as they have worked hard to reform Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series to make it something much more serious and realistic."

Ah, so it's not Crystal Dynamics that you're condemning. You're criticizing gamers for making a purchase based on the popular notion that male gamers have the equivalent IQ of a caveman. That is unfair and insulting.

I bought Tomb Raider because I believed that this game will be something special and amazing. With Lara Croft being a character that has been around for many years and seeing her transform into a more mature character in a thrilling action-adventure game, I'm glad to have contributed to its success. You, sir, are what's wrong with video game journalism. Spreading speculation and making accusations that you clearly have no evidence to support is exactly why this article fails to prove that Tomb Raider was sold on the basis that gamers are horny neanderthals that party it up in the Playboy mansion while guzzling down beer and watching football. Take your sensationalist journalism elsewhere.
Saryk  +   654d ago
Got the game free with new video cards. But had I known the quality of this game, I would have bought it. And sex has never entered my mind!
ShiftyLookingCow  +   654d ago
I hope most people here don't bother reading this article. Its just click bait.

I am afraid if I read too much of tripe like this, the next time I see a woman with a bigger than normal chest I might scream "Shame on you!".
violents  +   654d ago
"Male fans will still be picking up the game because it features an attractive female lead character"

This statement is a little offensive to me. I want this game because I like the tomb raider games not because I want to see some big video game tits!

If your buying video games to look at girls just give up on life and go buy porn, it shows more and costs less.

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