Tomb Raider Continues to Prove That Sex Sells in Gaming

"The team at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have worked hard to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise and to present Lara Croft in a new light, beyond what the character was in the past. In the past the character was a kickass wonderchick with huge breasts and oozing with sex appeal. " |

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Kur01837d ago

I really don't think this is the case. You can say "sex sells" for MGS too 'cause Snake is wearing a skin-tight suit. Who's to say women don't buy the games to see Snake's butt? We know this isn't true because people buy MGS because the games are very good. This new Tomb Raider is surprisingly good even though it takes a lot from Uncharted and Arkham City. People are buying it because it looks good and Lara looks believable.

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Christopher1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Horrible logic is horrible.

Essentially the author ascertains that because she is good looking, it must mean that the only reason male gamers are buying it. No proof needed to back this up, just a blatant stereotype of every single male gamer who has bought the game.

Thanks, but I bought it because it's a TPS with exploration and the gameplay looked fun. I was happy to have bought it, but replacing Lara with a male lead wouldn't have sullied me from purchasing. After all, I own and have completed every single Uncharted game on the PS3 as well.

Though, I do think putting a male lead in the exact story would see the trope of the Damsel in Distress being vastly renewed and the game would have received a ton of criticism for that alone as opposed to proving that a Damsel can be in distress while a strong female lead can be the one to do the butt kicking.

smikey11231837d ago

The arguments behind this is so very flawed it is almost ironic. To start off, you claim she is "under dressed for battle". Well this isn't a war game, so battle isn't what the character set off to engage in. Also you compare her to male characters in the same genre and say she is comparatively dressed. Then there should be no problem. Showing up in a bullet proof vest and tactical helmet to scale walls would be pretty absurd. Also this statement reeks of sexism itself being that because she is female she must dress a certain way or else she is being portrayed as an object of sexual desire. Then you go on to say that males buy it because they are males and she is attractive. More sexism, but that also takes away from the fact that this could possibly be a good game. It isn't like it is getting good reviews or anything..... oh wait. Poor argument used to bait and get hits. Sadly I bought in because I was curious.

Dlacy13g1837d ago

@smikey1123. Bravo... after reading your post you did two things: 1) Saved me from having to say what you already said. 2) Saved me from clicking to this site and read the utter garbage arguments.

I have played this reboot... I find little sexy about the new Lara Croft. I just find a new compelling lead character for a long time franchise going in a new direction.

JAMurida1837d ago

To add to what you said, if the person who wrote this article played the game, he/she would know that they were just going to look at ruins, not expecting to have to get into battle. Last time I checked, I don't need armor and guns to look at ruins.

And yes, that's all these articles are to me as well is baiting for hits. I wish N4G had a way to filter out opinion articles.

+ Bubbs

digitaleraser1836d ago

"Poor argument used to bait and get hits."

This. Easiest way to get an instant 200 degrees on N4G? Write a title with the word "sex" in it.

LessThan2Tflops1837d ago

TR sells because it's a damn good game

KangarooSam1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

...and damn, she's got a nice pair of polygons.

This ^^^ is sarcasm, people. Yes, it's a good game.

x5exotic1837d ago

Uncharted is more of a case than this with Ms. Pardon my ass and the other chick just standing there, despite not being main character.

OP is an idiot.

aliengmr1837d ago

I actually did not buy it for that reason.

I think its rather sexist to assume I did.

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