Hideo Kojima GDC presentation to be streamed live

Hideo Kojima will be attending GDC to give a presentation on Fox Engine and Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes on March 27 (11:00 AM to 12:30 PM PST). Now it has been confirmed that the presentation will be streamed live.

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xHeavYx1836d ago

Can't wait, Metal Gear has always been one of my favorite games

Nyxus1836d ago

Same. Two more weeks!

jony_dols1836d ago

I'm split whether to use my precious Bioshock Infinite gaming time to watch Kojima's conference live!

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ShoryukenII1835d ago

Actually, we might see a sneak peek tomorrow night on GTTV.

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camel_toad1836d ago

Yep, one of my favorites too if not THE favorite...

Blackhawk31835d ago

Man, and here I thought this childhood giddiness and excitement over something was supposed to go away... Yet... Here I am excited as I was when I opened my PS1 on Christmas day so many years ago.

Give. Me. Metal. Gear.

a_bro1836d ago

Kept you waiting, huh.

FarCryLover1821836d ago

I'm assuming that GZ will be on PS4 and next Xbox as well? If so, I really hope this is a launch title. Seems like the hype is really starting to ramp up for this game.

Really hope it comes sooner than later!

Batzi1836d ago

Guys we are getting a new footage for The Phantom Pain tomorrow! (Check Geoff Keighley's twitter) and on the topic, I can't wait! I have been waiting for this moment for too damn long now!

adorie1836d ago

I wish it wasn't GT that was showing off PP.

HmongAmerican1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

thanks for the reminder.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1836d ago

yesyesyeswyesyesyesyesyesyes, really hope they don't get rid of the long cutscenes

Skate-AK1835d ago

Judging by the GZ trailer they released a while back, long cutscenes are here to stay.

BanBrother1835d ago

I love cut-scenes. I don't know why, but for some reason this gen everyone has been bitching about cut-scenes. They are my favourite part, usually a reward for beating a level in a game. That is why I still consider MGS4 one of the best games this generation. It's like people can't sit still for 1 minute without the need to start blowing s*** up! I want more cut-scenes.

Nyxus1835d ago

Watching them is a joy for me every time. I agree completely.

hesido1835d ago

I like realtime cutscenes, like MGS's, where you can even play around a little with the cam. Not only your character carries in game acquired traits (costume, weapon, wound, dirt etc.) but also it increases the wow factor to see the graphics are real-time.

portal_21835d ago

GZ looks phenomenal, gameplay + cutscenes.

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The story is too old to be commented.