Indie Horror Hit Lone Survivor Coming to PS3 & PS Vita

PS.Blog: What is Lone Survivor?

For those who missed it the first time round, this is a psychological-survival-adventu re, where the choice of how to survive is up to you.

It’s the last record of a nameless, masked protagonist, holed-up in a city full of diseased monsters, starving and exhausted.

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jujubee881952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I know you're watching this, Notch.

Do it. (Please)

jujubee881952d ago

I recommend "Lone Survivor" to those who haven't played it. It is basically a 2D adventure version of "Silent Hill" with a lot of survival elements in it.

It's actually a really good fit on VITA, I feel.

Cloudberry1952d ago

The 2D graphic reminds me of Corpse Party Blood Covered which is also an VN adventure horror game too.

I love that title.

Vitalogy1952d ago

Right, because what such powerful machine needs is 8-bit games.


TongkatAli1952d ago

Look up the word variety.

eferreira1952d ago

getting this for my vita

-Falaut-1952d ago

Yum. Would be great to see something like Don't Starve as well.

stuntman_mike1952d ago

there's another game called HOME which is similar to this game and has the same graphical style. that would also be a good fit for the PS Vita.

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