Who Needs A Galaxy S4 When The iPhone Has All the Games You Need?

Smartphone news is generally less than exciting when viewed from the gamer's gaze. A single new iteration of a new phone rarely generates major advances in mobile gaming. If you've somehow come to expect the S4 to suddenly make Android into a great gaming platform, I would stop holding my breath now.

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xHeavYx1956d ago

Who needs a smartphone to play games when next gen consoles are around the corner?

schlanz1954d ago

And since when do people choose smartphones based on what dime a dozen games it has?

Hedstrom1956d ago

Smartphones overall is pretty bad for gaming. The specifik cons with the iphone is the screensize, lack of memmoryslot and the restrictions in the os.

LAWSON721955d ago

I do not game on my phone except for pokemon on gb emulator. I am not sure what to upgrade to next month the xperia z or s4. The xperia z has similar specs and has that resistance to water which is pretty awesome but the s4 continues the greatness of the s3.

T21955d ago

Didnt u read the article ? U clearly need an iphone lol ... Sent via xperia

jeeves861955d ago

Because Apple sucks. Obviously.

Hicken1955d ago

No way in hell I'd get an Apple ANYTHING, especially if there was an alternative of similar or better quality, like the S4.

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