Soul Sacrifice Rated Mature by the ESRB, “Monsters Writhe Around and Burst Into a Blood-like Mist”

In case you weren’t already aware that Soul Sacrifice is a bloody video game, the ESRB has given it a Mature rating due to Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes, and Violence.

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doctorstrange1836d ago

I dated someone that did that

Wedge191836d ago

That's like a "one-date" kinda thing right? Cuz how do you date a blood-like mist when all's said and done?

TrendyGamers1836d ago

They got rated Mature by the ESRB?

himdeel1836d ago

This happens to people in the line a the post office every Friday right before they close.

Nothing to see here...

ftwrthtx1836d ago

Rated M Vita game? It could use a few.

Freddy_Millz11836d ago

Yep, that's exactly why i want it!!!

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