According to NPD Nintendo/Portable Fans Are Not Core Gamers

For a while now, people have been trying to determine exactly what a hardcore or “core” gamer is. Thankfully that question has been answered by our good friends at NPD, a research firm for gaming. As part of a preview on their core gaming report for 2013, NPD has defined their criteria for what makes a core gamer. This criteria may rub some people the wrong way. Are you a core gamer? Read on to find out.

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classic2001980d ago

Well I wonder who is going to be surprise by the obvious.

LOL_WUT1980d ago

This is a known fact, it shouldn't surprise anybody really. ;)

PopRocks3591979d ago


Well, let's see here. I play Nintendo Land with my college buddies, I have been playing a ton of Bioshock on my PC, I tend to play my 3DS on long bus rides and I also have been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 with my buddy on the PS3.

So tell me LOL_WUT, exactly what does that make me?

yewles11979d ago

"So tell me LOL_WUT, exactly what does that make me?"

*ahem* I'll step in from here. *ahem*

It makes you butthurt. *runs*

raytraceme1979d ago

Wow as a core pc/ps3 gamer I totally disagree. Pokemon and Mario alone make the 3ds worth it for core gamers who grew up with those games whichare way better than the ios garbage that are fed to people nowadays.

aLucidMind1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I'm pretty sure they're talking about people who ONLY game on the current Nintendo/portable systems. Playstation, XBox, and PC are considered core systems. Not that I entirely agree with it; we need to stop with these idiotic titles. Why can't we all just be gamers?

Ult iMate1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

If every Nintendo fan here is a core gamer, how could Resident Evil Revelations (on 3DS with more than 20 millions units sold) sell on par with Assassin's Creed Liberation (on a Vita with less than 10 million install base)? Not to mention critics reception of those games and their metascore.
Is RE Revelations not core enough for Nintendo gamers?

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darthv721979d ago

Funny thing, you cant really associate the two terms as being the same. One may be derived from the other but they dont have the same context in today's society.

The original definition for hardcore (as it related to games years ago) was someone who dedicated the majority of their time enjoying video games. It never reflected the "type" of games but more about the simple nature of the "time" playing games.

I can recall, you had to earn the designation of being called a hardcore gamer by the amount of effort you put into playing games of pretty much all types or all platforms.

We have seen a shift in society as far back as the year 1995 when the PS1 came onto the scene. it changed the acceptance of videogames from that moment forward. Essentially, making video games as mainstream as other forms of entertainment.

So it was then that the players changed the designations of the term to reflect the type of game. It wasnt the "industry" it was the players and how they all wanted to be represented. No longer was someone who played nintendo 24/7 or Sega 24/7 considered hardcore. It became more about the content of the game.

but the real ironic part of all of this, we all play games at our own pace and we all can designate ourselves in different ways but the instance someone else calls you one type of gamer or another is when people take offense at such things.

in the end....we are all on the same side when it comes to enjoying what this industry has to offer. It shouldnt be about labels or content so long as you are getting out of it what you expect which is good old fashioned FUN.

kabala1979d ago

I'm 46 & been playing faithfully since the Atari 2600 & Darth that was well said. Bubbles my gaming friend.

chadboban1980d ago

I game on Sony and Nintendo consoles and portables, plus I own a gaming PC. What the hell does that make me?

A core gamer is someone who games on whatever they want, someone who defines themselves by what games they play, NOT what they play their games on. I consider myself a core gamer because it is one of my main hobbies and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Sorry NPD, you can't tell me what kind of gamer I am. I AM A GAMER, plain and simple.

AWBrawler1979d ago

Well said. Too many times people seem to forget just what gaming is about. As simple as that is to understand, some people just don't get it.

PopRocks3591979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

"So to recap. If you’re a gamer who plays Pokemon Conquest for 1 hour in a week, 2 hours of Persona 4 Golden, 2 hours of Zombi U, 2 hours of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, 2 hours of Skyrim, 1 hour of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, and 3 hours of Fire Emblem Awakening you are not a hardcore gamer. If you’re a gamer who plays 3 hours of Call of Duty and 2 hours of Madden, you are. Well, as long as you’re playing them on a PC, 360, or PS3 at least."

Well, I guess my Wii U copies of ZombiU, Black ops 2 and Assassin's Creed III don't mean anything. Same with my 3DS' copies of Resident Evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3 or Kid Icarus Uprising.

"So, if you prefer to play on a Wii, Wii U, Vita, PSP, DS, or 3DS, I’m sorry, but you’re not a core gamer. But even if you own a 360 or a PS3, don’t get all high and mighty just yet. According to NPD, just a mere 14% of you are hardcore gamers."

I'm sorry, but these BS labels and categories are ridiculously stupid. This lumps ALL handhelds into the casual category. You're telling me the Vita and PSP are casual platforms? Get real. You're also telling me that a core gamer does not play games on 3DS or a Wii U? Do the Metroid and Fire Emblem franchises suddenly not exist or something? Exactly when did these labels become solidified as factual anyway?

JustinWeinblatt1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Please keep in mind that this is NOT my opinion on what a hardcore, core, or whatever gamer is. All I'm doing is reporting on what NPD defines core gamers as. The point of my example was to show that I disagree with that definition.

I'm just letting you know how NPD views gamers, so if you have any issues with that, you should probably let them know.

Edit to avoid using a [email protected]

Alright, cool. It's a little worrisome considering that its a group that has at least some amount of influence. Hopefully, developers are seeing outside of those labels, but based on whats going on in the industry, I'm not so sure.

PopRocks3591979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

No, I got that. I'm sorry if my comment seemed directed toward you. Not one for shooting the messenger anyway lol.

No, I just think that the NPD's idea of casual gaming and hardcore gaming is completely generalized and I feel it's particularly ridiculous to label either the PSP or the Vita as casual devices, or to suggest that only casual gamers are playing the 3DS or the Wii U.

fatstarr1979d ago

its good for activision and EA

so they know the target core consoles to milk for cash for their stale rehashes because no non core gamer is gonna buy that shit.

MNGamer-N1979d ago

This article is complete grabage, a waste of time and a major part of what is wrong with gaming today. Moving on...

chadboban1979d ago

The article itself isn't bad. The author is simply reporting on what the NPD said. He actually says, and I quote, "**** those guys" in the end of the article.

R_aVe_N1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I think "Core Gamer" is anybody that enjoys games on multiple platforms. They don't stick to just one platform to obtain that gaming fix. They venture out and try just about any game they think will be fun. There is no reason that you should stick to way avenue of gaming (unless you just cant afford it) I myself play games on the PC, PS3, Vita, and the Wii every now and then. I even break out old systems every now and then to enjoy games I have played in that past. Just because you play CoD, Halo, Battlefield, Gears ect does not make you a core gamer. If you only play games like CoD well I think you are missing out on a lot.

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