Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 adds female league LGPA, a first for EA Sports

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will feature the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) Tour, it has been revealed.

Executive producer Brent Nielsen told Digital Spy that the addition of the all-female league is a first for any EA Sports game.

"I believe – we've had female athletes and characters in our sports games in the past, and we've had an all-star team in the NBA game one year – but I believe this is the first time one of our sports title has added a full women's league," he said.

Explaining why the league has only just been introduced, Nielsen explained that throughout the acquisition of licences for the 'Legends of the Majors' mode, the team thought it "might be the year to go after it".

"Given resources that we have in a given year, you can only focus on so many things," he explained.

"They were excited to work with us, and [it] gives them great exposure, being in the game as well."

Two new female golfers will be introduced in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14; LGPA player of the year Stacy Lewis and the up-and-coming 18-year-old Lexie Thompson.

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MikeMyers1950d ago

From the article,
"Given resources that we have in a given year, you can only focus on so many things," he explained.

Then don't release one every year. Instead have an update with the latest roster and come out with a new game every 2 years and make real changes.

I like Tiger Woods golf but I don't buy it every year. If they charged me $5 or something for an updated roster I might do that instead. For now I just wait until I see some major changes. Not going to spend $60 on the same game every year with a few tweaks.

ATi_Elite1950d ago

as long as they have the Hot ones

and my 3rd pic....what's up with that Trophy?

Didn't someone think about that before they made it!

3-4-51950d ago

No there going to have Helga " The house " Housheinsweiz instead.