TimeSplitters Rewind Interview

The future of the TimeSplitters series remains uncertain, but a few dedicated fans are putting their skills to use after obtaining permission from Crytek for a fan made game. We put your questions to Project Manager Michael Hubicka in an exclusive interview.

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BitbyDeath1984d ago

Hope this takes off so we can get it back on consoles.

Kevlar0091983d ago

My only fear with it running off CryEngine3 is that my little ole laptop won't be able to handle it. Anything above Bioshock 1 is too much to handle (I'm assuming the Engine is both power and graphics, just going off my own, misinformed database here). Awesome this is being done, more developed than I have thought it would be

This series deserves better than it has been. Can't get more fun than TS

sjaakiejj1983d ago

Wouldn't expect too much from this. The guy running this, Michael, isn't very nice to work with. Organisation of the team is terrible, and he doesn't appear to have any previous experience in Game Development.