Differences between Wii U and Xbox 360 tech specs mirror those of Wii and Xbox 1

A few months ago, a hacker revealed the tech specs of the Wii U CPU and GPU, and tech experts have been discussing and analyzing the numbers ever since. However, there's one thing everyone seems to have overlooked: the differences between the tech specs of the Wii U and the Xbox 360 appear to mirror those of the Wii and the original Xbox.

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Qrphe1986d ago

The Xbox was really amazing, it was able to do stuff like this
Not to mention it could run Doom 3, Half-Life 2 and some other good-looking games at the time.

The Wii is still more powerful. The Wii could pull off some nice shaders (which imo was the main graphical jump from PS2 to PS3 era).
I know many like to write off the Wii for being weak, which relatively speaking it was, however, this notion has been greatly exaggerated because its library was full of shovelware that never bothered to push the system too much.

PopRocks3591986d ago

^This. There's a reason certain Wii games looked amazing on the Dolphin emulator. The Wii was capable of some great looking games, but the lack of effort from developers combined with no HD is what hurt the system's reputation. Unfortunately the Wii U is seeing a similar treatment now, what with the only 3rd party support so far being ZombiU and a lengthy string of poorly optimized ports readily available at launch.

1upgamer991985d ago

I agree, and disagree. BOPS2 is far better on Wii U. Multi-player is the best on Wii U.

LOL_WUT1985d ago

How is it the best on the Wii U? When you're playing against the same people over and over again? I don't see that being fun, the community is just not there.

monkey nuts1985d ago

Have you seen the trailer for The Wonderful 101? Looks like a great game and I think its out in a few weeks. Might be time for me to get a wii, U?

Stroke6661985d ago

@lol_wut... its a smaller community which means you get to knw the people you play with thus becoming more competitive. Don't get me wrong, if playing with a bunch of strangers over and over again never really getting to know who you are playing with(unless you are gaming with buds) floats your boat then fine thats all gravy but within a year the numbers in the wii u install base will be up significantly and games like bop2 will be over populated just the same. for the record I'm not a cod fan at all.

Deku-Johnny1985d ago

@LOL_WUT, I think 1upgamer99 means the multi-player is better on Wii U in terms of graphics and how good the online is rather than how big the community is.

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Muffins12231986d ago

That image you showed is really not that good looking....

N0S3LFESTEEM1985d ago

Back in 2001-2002 it was...

IRetrouk1985d ago

Is that not one of the screenshots that ms got in trouble for touching up?.

ABizzel11985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

This is a horrible comparison.

There are more things to take into consideration besides clock speeds.

Wii U CPU is more "up to date" then the 360 CPU due to features like being OOE, and having more RAM to work with. The 360 CPU should still be faster at getting things done, but the Wii U CPU is more efficient and consumes significantly less power, which is the trade off. If the 360 CPU is 100% I'd say the Wii-U CPU is about 70% speed and power wise, when fully taken advantage of, mainly due to OOE but it's likely closer to 60% and could be less.

The Wii U GPU is anywhere from 50% - 2x as powerful as the GPU in the 360 depending on if it's truly a 4650 or 4670.

And yes the Wii U has more RAM however, it's significantly slower than the RAM in the 360. HOWEVER, like the rumored Nextbox specs the Wii U has 32MB of eDRAM which can double the speed of the RAM in short burst when needed, making on par and at times faster than the 360, but also 50% slower when the eDRAM is not in use.

Overall there are highs and lows to the Wii U when compared to current gen consoles. The main thing is that the GPU is more powerful and if they chose the 4670 then the Wii U is an overall more powerful system that that PS360. The CPU may be slower and weaker, but it's smarter at handling games, and the GPU is more powerful than the PS360 and capable of picking up the slack that the CPU struggles with. However, slow RAM prevents this from being true 100% of the time.

If Nintendo went with the 4650 then the Wii U is on par with the PS360, but will still have better graphics because the GPU is still more powerful. It just won't have a lot of extra processing features going on like advanced physics, Intelligent AI, millions of particle effects, and other things that improve games behinds the scenes.

But again you don't need all that when Mario and Pokemon are your top selling franchises. And Nintendo's focus isn't on high end gaming, but mass appeal gaming.

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FlyingFoxy1985d ago

Except Doom 3 and Half Life 2 ran terribly on Xbox and looked significantly worse.

I was surprised as well lately to watch someone play Doom 3 BFG on 360 on youtube, some parts the framerate was really bad.. on a game made in 2004!!

I'm sticking with PC, some games are good on consoles.. but FPS games suck on them and should stay on PC.

Plus after 2-3 years framerates really go downhill on console games.. Doom 3 BFG pretty much proves it.

Kurt Russell1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I've got Doom 3 BFG on 360. I've finished every campaign on it and played a bit of MP... I can confirm there wasn't a noticable frame rate drop throughout the entire experience. The fact it was so buttery smooth made it real nice to play through again. Your frame rate dropping must have been youtube being toss when uploaded.

DevilishSix1985d ago

Just like Kurt Russell said above me. Doom 3 BFG is buttery smooth. One of the major marketing and selling points for the game was running at 60 frames per sec. So, yeah the slow down issue would be an internet or youtube thing, cause I never saw in issues in my play thru either.

falcon791985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Then ps4 and 720 are also close to that as well ?

WiiU is dx11 era,xbox1 is dx8 if that,plus mhz,ghz,mean nothing when your in a different era or generation of technology,wiiu cpu is for 3 cores a beast,out of order execution like pc,3MB eDRAM as cache on cpu,ect and the gpgpu is so far advanced and memory intensive this article is a joke.

dantesparda1985d ago

Oh please, the Xbox has much better grahics than the Wii

blastcorp641985d ago

I can only imagine what the last story would like in HD. That game sure puts a bit of strain on the little wii but it does look incredible

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DivineAssault 1986d ago

seems accurate enough.. nintendo needs to drop some games really soon because theyre losing ppls interest each day that passes with nothing unique that showcases the systems power

ICECREAM1985d ago

Nintendo fans will fight till the end.
Game is not yet over.


Nintendo aren't losing anyone's interest! The amount of people who are waiting for the Wii U's AAA's to come out and then buying one is huge!

truechainz1984d ago

I agree that Nintendo does need to drop games soon. I also think the gaming media does more harm than good to the industry. Being hammered with constant negativity from a ton of articles

delboy1985d ago

WiiU it's the only console that can do Mario and Zelda in HD, that's enough for me.

xPhearR3dx1985d ago

Correction. It's the only console that can have Mario and Zelda. The PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Xbox720 (Or w.e it's called) could EASILY run Mario and Zelda in HD. There's a big difference in not being able to have something, and being capable of running it.

Yodagamer1985d ago

So basically they can't do Mario and Zelda in HD due to licenses, same thing different wording

xPhearR3dx1985d ago

No it's not the same. They could do it, they're now allowed to. Had you said, Wii U is the only console that has Mario & Zelda in HD. That would be a legit answer.

Stroke6661985d ago

Lmmfao, they can't do it no matter how powerful the system its nintendos first party IP so no correction was needed. Wii U is the ONLY console that can do Mario and Zelda in HD. being 'capable of' and 'being able to do' are to different things yes, but sonysoft are neither capable of nor are they able to do Mario and Zelda in HD cause nintendo owns it period. stop trying to be a smart troll

delboy1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

True, but it's not only about power or license.
You also need a lag free second sceen ;-) you don't have that on other systems.

ABizzel11985d ago

Actually PC does it. Emulators :D

1upgamer991985d ago

Emulators are just never quite the same as the console. IMO.

CraigUK1985d ago

Even so, I dont think the games will look that different. PS3 and 720 aren't going to as big a leap as some people seem to think. Sure hardware will be a lot better but I think people will be disapointed when they actually see the games if they are expecting the kind of leap we have seen in previous generations.

For example.

NatureOfLogic1985d ago

I agree. That's why I'm looking to get into PC gaming really soon. I was looking at parts today and so far I'm leaning towards a AMD fx 8000 series cpu with gtx 650ti graphics. If someones knows more I'm open to recommendations. I'm not trying spend over a grand. So far everthing together would be around $900.

thebigman1985d ago

I don't know where you're looking for parts but you can get a GTX 670, i5 3570k,1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, and everything else(PSU, Case, PCI3/QUAD SLI motherboard) for under a grand and it'll blow the AMD and 650ti out of the water

ABizzel11985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

That PC is not going to offer you much of any kind of an improvement over the PS4, and for $900 you're getting screwed.

Are you buying that PC already built or building it yourself?

If it's already built, you're better off buying a new console this year, and getting a PC upgrade next holiday, when the HD 9000 / UHD 1000 series drops, and PC gaming will be a leap ahead of console gaming again.

It also gives you time to learn how to build a PC from scratch and save you a few hundred dollars in the process.

If you want something better than the PS4 specs you're looking more along the lines of an HD 7950 or GTX 660Ti range, but that'll be a $700+ PC that's not going to blow the PS4 out of the water. You're better off waiting, for newer parts and lower prices. You're better off waiting for a GTX 670 to drop in price and get another for SLI later on with another 670 when it's not maxing games anymore.

GTX 690
670: Where PC and PS4 graphics should be noticeable.
660 aka PS4

FlyingFoxy1985d ago

Wait until Half Life 3 comes out on PC, that's going to be a large leap i will bet anything on that. Not to mention the huge difference in physics and stuff and interaction with the world. Source 2 will be a beast.. i just know it.

Il_Exile_lI1985d ago

What if he wants to build a gaming PC sometime before 2025?

N0S3LFESTEEM1985d ago

Completely possible to see some major improvement over this gen though... DX11 or OpenGL 4.3 are some nice stepping stones over DX9 or OpenGL 1.0 used in current consoles. I think there will be a big increase in the amount going on onscreen at once over this gen at least.

Qrphe1985d ago

Polygon count is not a very good way of looking at things, specially when things like lightning, resolution and textures (for starters) play a bigger role in what we perceive as graphical power.

Stuff like Killzone SF and Deep Down have pretty much proved next-gen consoles have made the leap regardless.

SilentNegotiator1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Just because you don't notice the improved textures, lighting, draw distances, resolutions, etc, etc, etc, doesn't mean that the 8th gen leap will not be as significant as others.

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Fat Onion1985d ago

What happens when someone breaks the Wii U touch screen controller and needs a new one? I have never seen them for sale.

thebigman1985d ago

You would have to order it from nintendo and it costs somewhere between 100-150$

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