Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Review | The Controller Online

Adam from The Controller Online writes: "Here come four new and beautiful maps , each one being themed in a different season, to add to the already stellar selection in Battlefield 3. They are Kiasar Railroad, Nebandan Flats, Operation Riverside and Sabalan Pipeline. While designing these maps the developers only had two things in mind; make them fast paced, and make them full of action, and they definitely succeeded"

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sandman2241809d ago

I'm sure it's Amazing but if you ask me it only deserves a 10 on PC's. current gen consoles heck no. Next gen consoles yes

eliteslaya131809d ago

Actually, this map pack works well on consoles considering their generally smaller scale and more streamlined gameplay.

Mutant-Spud1809d ago

Yeah, they do and CTF works well because with 12 players on a map that size a team isn't spread too thin, you can still have people defending, attacking and harassing in vehicles.

venom061809d ago

Whats REALLY fun that no one has talked about is TDM on these new END GAME maps...

Detoxx1809d ago

Who plays BF3 for TDM anyway?

Hifist11809d ago

These maps are amazing in conquest, especially loving Sabalan Pipeline. And the dirt bikes(with c4 surprise).