Are Wii U Accomplishments needed?

Nintendo Insider writes:

It was within StreetPass Mii Plaza that Nintendo had first shown any indication of adopting an overarching accomplishment system.

Yet, despite Nintendo of America front man Reggie Fils-Aime’s confirmation of plans to incorporate such a system on Wii U, nothing has surfaced so far.

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Benjaminkno1986d ago

I never understood why people love this achievement idea.
Didn't this idea derive from the Smash Brothers trophy scheme?
I think it's dumb. I'll get a WiiU with or without an "accomplishment system" which Nintendo invented anyway...

Xaphy1986d ago

its not dumb. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and raises the value of replayability especially when games are expensive and campaigns are shorter nowadays.

guitarded771986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I've been an avid proponent of an accomplishment system for the Wii U. I made a petition a while back and had over 5,000 people sign. Whether you love trophies/achievements or could care less, the idea of getting platinum/100% in a Zelda or Metroid game has to be enticing for any core gamer.

Here's the link if you'd like to sign the

Xaphy1986d ago


just did you are welcome

Theyellowflash301986d ago

I agree, Nintendo NEEDS to announce an achievement system at E3.

Qrphe1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I've played every single game in history and I can confirm it was them who invented the ""'accomplishmen t system' which Nintendo invented anyway..."
On the other hand, I didn't play this game
specifically because it may or may not have the ""'accomplishmen t system' which Nintendo invented anyway..."
I also didn't play the other games before it that may or may not have implemented the ""'accomplishmen t system' which Nintendo invented anyway..."

NukaCola1986d ago

I do not see why Nintendo couldn't of added this into the Miiverse. Nintendo has done amazing things with ingame achievements/trophies like they can do with smash, animal crossing, etc. They could make earning awards fun and Nintendoey, and interactive.

ziggurcat1986d ago

as mentioned, it adds a bit of replay value to the game, and sometimes gets you to think outside of the box a little bit in terms of how you play the game.

granted, most of these things are awarded just by progressing through the story/leveling up in MP, but i really love those hidden ones that pop when you do something completely out of left field.

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USMC_POLICE1986d ago

I like how ubisoft does u play achievements. Beat something in game and you unlock points for an in game reward or wallpaper.

_LarZen_1986d ago

The first thing Nintendo need to do is make a OS that works better, or at least make it much faster.

I feel like I have gone back in time every time I use my Wii U. Not because of the games but because the OS is so slow and just plain horrible to navigate around.

The people behind the OS should get their behinds spanked, several times by a clown with a evil laughter.

Jek_Porkins1986d ago

If Nintendo wants people to buy third party games they need to implement an Achivement system. Does anyone remember the outcry when the PS3 launched without one?

I will never buy a third party game on the Wii U that I can buy on another system because it doesn't support them. I know it sounds bad or whatever, but Nintendo always lags behind in what gamer's want as far as features, they were in the stone age when it came to online, and they don't realize that core gamer's like Achievements.

guitarded771986d ago

I agree so much, but n4g only allows me to agree once :/

Nintendo said they want to leave it to the developers to have achievements... and you know what... I'd be okay with them being optional if Nintendo had a system in place for the devs to put achievements in game.

I think most developers would choose to have achievements if Nintendo had a system. It's not like multiplatform games don't already have them designed for other systems. XBOX and PS have them as a required feature, and many Steam games have them now too.

Nintendo has had plenty of opportunity for foresight with overarching achievement systems being in place for well over 5 years now. Several devs have said that not having achievements negatively impacts the sales of there games... especially indie and mini developers.

Nintendo claims that they want to be open to developers by not enforcing any restrictions, but in turn, they are not being open to the wishes of the consumers, which feed the money into their machine. By not having a system, they are also NOT being open to developers, because they are not offering the opportunity for developers to add such a feature.

Maybe Nintendo just doesn't want to spend the money to maintain such a system... maybe they are afraid they will screw up, since they have limited experience in online. Whatever it is, I hope that they will reconsider, and patch a system in, so we can share out experiences of VICTORY on MiiVerse, and social networking sites. Until then, all my multiplatform games will be bought for other systems. My Wii U is just for select exclusives, and it's waiting for the next game.

MilkMan1986d ago

Being a long time gamer, its nice to have a record of what you played and what deeds, worth mentioning where accomplished. This transcends from the days of even pac-man, when you had one quarter and you challenged your friends to do better than you and take down your "high" (your high-score).
There it was for the world to see (or at least the regular patrons of your local arcade). Your initials on the top 10 list.
Proved you had skill and so on and so forth.
So in some ways this record is something that's always been prevalent, but the idea that some or most gamers spend weeks and months trying to achieve every goal and little thing, is a little ridiculous.
Some kind of record is nice, making it your life to get every single trophy or achievement borders on OCD.

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