Top 3 most popular PlayStation 4 games revealed

Since the PlayStation 4 has been revealed, there has been an enormous amount of talk regarding the performance of PS4 pre-orders thus far, but the games for the PS4 have also been doing very well.

According to information uncovered by today, ShopTo spokesman James Rowson talked about a few of the upcoming PlayStation 4 titles that have been doing the best in the way of pre-orders.

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BanBrother1981d ago

So far, I'm getting Killzone and Knack straight away. I'm waiting on any news of GT6 before I get Driveclub. For some reason, I never felt the hype for Watchdogs, so that is a maybe for me.

I think E3 will reveal a lot more games for the PS4, so I'm definitely excited. My most anticipated games this year are Bioshock Infinite, Beyond and TLoU. So there is no shortage of current gen titles.

abzdine1981d ago

and shortage of money? probably!

BanBrother1981d ago


Yep, really strapped for cash atm. I can't even really afford to buy Bioshock Infinite, but I ended up pre-ordering it because I'm a huge fan of Ken Levine and Irrational, and they have high ethical standards that I support. PS4 deserves my money, as I know I will be getting good games in return.

Krypto1981d ago

Yup already told the family that this years Christmas gift will be the PS4 & games. Killzone for me, Knack for the Kids and The Witness for the wife who doesn't game but loves to do puzzles. If all games mentioned above comes out this year then it'll be the best Christmas I've ever had!

andibandit1981d ago

Im hoping for some good multiplayer games + coop games, i hope killzone delivers.

abzdine1981d ago

I wish they announce a brand new WipEout my all time favorite racing series.

jimbobwahey1981d ago

Sony Liverpool had been working on a Wipeout game for the PS4 for about a year and a half before Sony shut them down and let the developers go. We'll probably never see another Wipeout game again, unfortunately.

TheOneEyedHound1981d ago

Doesn't Sony own the game? They could just give the title to another developer.

IRetrouk1981d ago

Some of the developers went on to the motorstorm devs along with one or two pgr devs, if anything the game was moved to evolution along with said employees

BitbyDeath1981d ago

Evolution Studios got the Liverpool guys.
Kinda hoping Motorstorm is their other title tho...

Nicaragua1981d ago

i'd like to see a more realistic Wipeout done with a Gran Turismo level of detail.

TheOneEyedHound1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

They better announce at least one more blockbuster, or I am going for destiny at launch.

MysticStrummer1981d ago

I haven't seen anything saying Destiny will be available at launch. I want Destiny myself, but you gotta go with what's available. It'll be Watch Dogs for me on launch day, then maybe Killzone: Shadow Fall next. There will be more launch titles announced though, so KZ may get bumped back on my list.

TheOneEyedHound1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I am with you, but they need at least one more Blockbuster or fun Online game.

I am not a big Call of duty fan, but at launch I'll love to have a addictive good looking multiplayer experience.

Last gen was RFoM, for some reason at the start of a gen I want a addictive Mp game, later on it's the opposite.

My whole mentality would change, if MGS GZ was at launch.

Maybe Because at the begining all my friends & family are looking to play, and I can't have them playing Ico, and plus I enjoy playing Co-op.

joab7771981d ago

Can you pre order everywhere? I have it on my amazon wishlist but is there an official pre order?

LightofDarkness1981d ago

Pre-ordering now is unwise. There's no set price or any sort of guaranteed availability; so even if you pre-order, you might not get one. Best to wait until E3 when Sony announce the release plans, then the retailers will have an idea of what kind of stock they will have.

portal_21981d ago

I pre-ordered on the 21st Feb

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The story is too old to be commented.