Metroid Prime 4, Other M-2, Metroid Dread? Where Is Metroid Headed Next?


Nintendo's been pretty open about teasing the future of each of their big franchises. The only series we haven't heard anything about is Metroid.

What could Nintendo be planning?

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PopRocks3591985d ago

Honestly, I don't mind how it goes so long as that hack Sakamoto isn't writing the next one. If you want to make Samus a whiny, immature child with daddy issues then at least have the damn decency to make a prequel where such a character arc is more appropriate, not a game that takes place at pretty much the ass end of the timeline.

Gameplay wise, I would not mind seeing a 2.5D Metroid game, though an HD Prime 4 would not hurt either.

7uff11984d ago

Samus is "a whiny" in Other M because it was simply made to show her human side and tell her story, Other M was a good game but not as good as It could be, at least in my opinion. It was an exception, I believe they will not make another game like Other M anytime soon, I hope.

Kos-Mos1984d ago

Metroid is not gears kid. It`s above gears and hollywood. Realism is needed.

PopRocks3591984d ago

Yeah, I can see why a sci-fi fantasy game with very few realistic elements is suddenly in dire need of realism. And shitty writing. Thanks for the sentiment "kid."

Gr811985d ago

Give it back to Retro. If its a 2D, 2.5D, or another Prime I don't care. Just don't let Saka(shit)moto take the reigns again.

ChickeyCantor1984d ago

Oh come on, you don't like the Anime inspired story telling? It's the best sh/t since the invention of cancer.

kamikazepikmin1984d ago

cut the man a break. he's the director behind super metroid, metroid fusion, and metroid zero mission, so if anything, let him only do 2d metroids, just because he made one not so great game, doesnt mean he should never touch metroid again, he's the freakin creator of the series, thats like saying kojima should never do metal gear again, its just ignorant!

EvilTwin1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Oh man, Arius. First time I've ever had to give you a disagree, amigo.

Gr811984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

It's all good brother. I understand Other M was VERY controversial for us Metroid fans, it has its fans and detractors. I think Other M had great Art Direction, some gameplay ideas that worked and many that didn't.

As you know, Prime 3 Sold me the Wii in the first place, and the Prime Trilogy re-release is a collectors item.

Prior to that, Super Metroid has turned out to be like fine wine, only getting better with age. Even now there are speedrunners on YouTube.

The Real Creator of Metroid, Yokoi, is no longer with us, and I don't think Sakamoto's Other M is what he had in mind for Samus. There is so much wrong with Other M.

I'm also a huge Retro Studios fan too. And their interpretation of DKC was excellent. I'd love to see them take the reigns of Metroid again and if not a Prime game, a New Super Metroid like game. They could do it, and I doubt they'd add all the anime, daddy issues, Samus the Other M had.

But I will take solace in all of the comments here as we are all fans of this series. I just don't like the direction Saka took it.

Louis_Guzman1984d ago

Retro wasn't solely responsible for Prime, Nintendo RandD1 and Miyamoto also worked on it.

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gamefiles1984d ago

Metroid Other M gameplay and mechanics = Underrated GEM < facT

PopRocks3591984d ago

Er, subjective opinion actually. It had some nice gameplay ideas, hampered primarily by some poor design choices and an awful story (both of which were caused by Sakamoto, needless to say).

gamefiles1984d ago

so its my opinion that metroid other M has gameChanging gameplay mechanics?

the story is a different matter

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I would be fine with another Prime-

I hope that Retro does something Massively Unexpected with the Metroid IP something that is visually "cORE" and utilizes the adult and detailed Writing capabilities of say Fire Emblem (Wii and GC).
(Not talking blood and sex, if you've played the games you know what I'm talking about).

I hope that they do all of this and couple it with some ingenious Gamepad Functions.

I think they need this to Showcase the WiiU potential and to bring "cORE", Fans, and Gamers together as one on WiiU.

About Other M.
I did not hate it game play wise.

And I liked what it tried to do with her story-
I don't want go back to the silent say nothing Samus but I definitely want it to be executed better.


I don't think Other M is what the Nintendo Owned IP Catalog is missing.
They have great horror (Spirit Camera, Fatal Frame)- RPG (Monolith Soft)- Platformer (Mario 2D & 3D)- Strategy (FE, Pikman)

IMO They need something along the lines of a FPS or an Open World game.

(Do Other M 2 as an Alternating Title like 2D Mario and 3D)

jacksheen00001984d ago

This video is spot on.

The fact that Nintendo had team ninja do the last metriod game means Nintendo wanted to bring back metriod to its 2D roots.

I wouldn't be surprise if the next metriod game isn't a FPS.

So, That leave me to believe the secret retro game is a FPS but not prime.

Though, I believe the retro secret game was setup to pull gamers away from the prime series to allow Nintendo the make metriod with a new game engine.

deafdani1984d ago

Why do you keep calling it "metriod"? It's Metroid.

deafdani1984d ago

Lol @ the disagrees. How can you disagree with a FACT? Stupid system is stupid.

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