Battlefield 4 teaser coming this week?

EA will reportedly release a Battlefield 4 teaser this week for Battlefield Premium members.

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dangerousjo331928d ago

ohhhhh buddy i just became pumped lets see da goods bf4

Spinal1927d ago

I do want BF4 but im incredibly annoyed with EA's Battlelog and how long it takes to get on a server, it says loading map for quite a while.

And im running and i7 2700k, 16gb Ram with a GTX 560. It shouldn't take so long at all to get on a server.

I'm extremely disappointed with Battlelog, so this time if the PS4 gets 64 players on BF4 i'm going to buy it on the PS4 to avoid that damn battlelog completely.

dangerousjo331928d ago

here we again EA always wants us to buy something damn we all cant see it dang activition would never do things like that with cod

DeadlyFire1928d ago

Don't worry. Someone will post it to Youtube.

Wenis1928d ago

It'll be exclusive for premium members for about 5 minutes until someone uploads it to youtube

Rearden1928d ago

Yep, like with all other Premium videos...

Kinger89381928d ago

Lol yep i never understood why we got premium videos

Irishguy951928d ago

Why can't anyone wait till E3 anymore? E3 used to be awesome because everyone revealed their **** at it.

shauzy1928d ago

if i was allowed to have a second religion it would be battlefield

Sleet1928d ago

Im sure Battlefield makes more sense than your first religon.

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The story is too old to be commented.