Why Square Enix is Currently the Best Publisher

John Meadows of GoozerNation writes, "Does Square Enix have the touch right now? Dare I say they might be the best publisher? Let’s look back at 2012." The article goes on to show what Square has done so far in 2013 and what they are doing better than other publishers.

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NewMonday1987d ago

just the Eidos part, the rest of the company need to learn from them.

lashes2ashes1987d ago

You don't know what a publisher is do you. This is about publishing a game not developing it. Completely different things, dishonored for example was crated by Arkane and published by Bethesda.

NewMonday1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

other than Sleeping Dogs the good games mentioned are all originally owned by Eidos and developed by Eidos studios.

if the talk is of good marketing and distributing, SE are still bad.

if the talk is about traditional SE games like FF and DQ, SE are still bad.

the article is talking about Deus Ex: Human Revolution , Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider, all part of Eidos IP catalog and made by Eidos devlopers (minus SD)

DragonKnight1987d ago

This article is ridiculous. It states that SE are the best publishers because 4 Eidos games scored highly. That has nothing to do with Square-Enix and everything to do with Eidos. If Eidos went to another publisher and made those games exactly the same, it wouldn't mean that that other publisher is "the best publisher." Frickin' laughable.

-Superman-1987d ago

Valve is best. Look at support of Valve games, like TF2 and Portal 2.
Free DLC, support, everything. Really, portal 2 only 15 us dollars, while some crappy games cost 60 euros.

TheLyonKing1987d ago

Should be renamed why the Edios side they bought over is the best and why SE development time is hindering them and making them one of the worse.

Admittedly that's an overly long title.

mandf1987d ago

The company as a whole today are underachievers. They have so many Ips screaming to be made. Kingdom Hearts 3 is a crime in my eyes. How about another Chrono series? A lot of time has been spent on the internet about a FF7 remake. Final Fantasy Versus has a lot of hype. So sad.

Godmars2901987d ago

Good game publishers. Lousy if not exploitative game makers.

mochachino1987d ago

Sleeping Dogs
Dues Ex
Tomb Raider

Some of my favourite games this gen so I would agree that square is a great publisher. I don't think it's a great developer anymore though, FF has been pretty bad all gen

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The story is too old to be commented.