CVG - On the trail of The Phantom Pain

CVG gathers evidence regarding Kojima's mystery project, and asks the man directly if he's involved

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Donnieboi1895d ago

The article says:
"I asked Kojima if he was involved with The Phantom Pain. I can't reveal his reaction. Because although it was a big clue, it might be too big a miscue."

...yeah, sure of course I believe you. Since when could a developer tell the interviewer not to describe a facial expression or physical reaction? Probably didn't even interview him at all.

Plus, why aren't any of these so-called "journalists" asking any unique questions (beyond the obvious). Why not ask about what Ground Zeroes great controversial topic is related to, or the progress on LA Studio's new "Metal Gear Online" game, or a release date. Even if Kojima refused to answer, at least the reader would know that the journalist has enough of a brain to not asks the same questions that have not already been asked a million times already.

HammadTheBeast1895d ago

It's pretty damn obvious. Apparently the guy in charge of the other game is Jomika or something, basically all the letters of Kojima but switched around, and he's never been seen before in an interview, there's no info of him existing.

Kind of obvious.

Half-Mafia1895d ago

It would be cool if Kojima got the press to play along with this mystery.