Dead Space 3: Awakened Review – Frighteningly Poor Value | Metro

Metro: "Possibly the worst value for money expansion of the modern era, with little more than an hour of generic action, bad storytelling, and zero scares."

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Sovereign591986d ago

2/10 is a bit low. I agree the price is steep, but it is decent content. There should have been much more of it, especially for $10, but what's there isn't bad enough to warrant a 2/10.

CapsLocke1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

That should have been in a game in a first place, not for 10 bucks. 2/10 is to high, I would give it 0/10.

1986d ago
tigertron1986d ago

I just bought it. Not played it yet but I hear the general consensus is that it's too short.

XIIIWARRIOR411986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I have it and beat it twice for trophies. It's about an hour give or take 10 minutes from that if your looking for logs, texts or weapon parts attachments. It is what it is and you don't have to buy it. Noone is forcing you. I love the franchise and so I support it, plain and simple. I thought an hour is fine by me especially since the only trophy I need is hardcore and I've played it for 35+ hours. I almost had plat the other night and "The Stalker" necromorph (chapter 18) killed me with one hit! I was pissed but oh well, back to the drawing board.