SimCity Could Potentially Be Played Offline

Despite EA’s claims to the contrary, a new rumor suggests that engineering a single-player mode for SimCity would require “minimal effort”.

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AztecFalcon1951d ago

Of course it could be potentially played offline but we'll never see it happen.

Wikkid6661951d ago

Only needs an internet connection to start the game and quiet the game. Which is the load and save processes.

Omni-Tool1951d ago

If someone could make a patch to "trick" the game into thinking it is contacting a server and save to a local drive would be awesome.

TuxedoMoon1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

No way! You can POSSIBLY play Simcity OFFLINE! That's amazing...

Seriously though, they screwed up by making this game online only like an mmo. A lot of customers didn't know what they were getting into (the mmo part of simcity). This game series should always have an offline mode and online being OPTIONAL. Simcity was always a 1 player game, and there are people who don't like depending or playing with people online. They just want to do their own thing on their own plot of land.

I'm sure if EA doesn't fix this issue, modders will. I haven't done any googling around myself, but I'm pretty sure there are people out there making an offline fix for this game.

Saryk1951d ago

You know I hate any type of online DRM. But honestly, the only time since Katrina, my internet hasn't worked is twice Two badass storms done the trick, for 8 hours each time, max.

e-p-ayeaH1950d ago

morons just make it happen before hackers make it so.