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Submitted by DiRtY 990d ago | rumor

RUMOR: Rare Developing A Racing Title For Xbox 720

Ever since the Summer of last year to-date, Rare has been on a bit of a hiring spree, having consistently employed new and veteran individuals talented to developing video games. One user over at NeoGaf has taken a deeper look into those hires and noticed a very intriguing pattern: Rare has hired plenty of developers that have experience in the racing genre. Take a look… (Xbox One)

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ritsuka666  +   991d ago
Would be Megaton for MS if true. Anyway,All eyes are definitely on MS event in April now. Sony has clearly not impressed me with what they can do with their gaming system, so it's now all up to MS to either deliver the goods in April event...
DEATHSTROKE-cro-   991d ago | Trolling | show
The_Infected  +   991d ago
I don't understand why the guy above me got marked for trolling when he was speaking the truth? He wasn't trolling he was just making a point to the guy saying Sony didn't impress while Rare has one racing game coming and it's a HUGE deal.
phantomexe  +   990d ago
i'm a little confused myself. What did he say that was bad? He disagrees with the guy above him but it's all clean.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   990d ago
Doesn't matter if its the truth or not hes offtopic and insecure for whatever reason. Tell me how does anything he just said have any relevancy to this piece?

As far as the rumor goes I kinda hope its true. I mean, MS already has 2 racing franchises PGR and Forza. I would like to see a action adventure title from them.
8GB_DDR3   990d ago | Spam
BattleAxe  +   990d ago
Nothing to see here folks, its probably something like "Banjo-Kazooie Cart Racing with Full Kinect Integration"....
Kevin ButIer  +   990d ago
They should be working on a fighting game... that actually would be a megaton...
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DOMination-  +   990d ago
Rare are a three team studio now. They might be working on a fighting game as well..
SDF Repellent  +   990d ago
I can sense Project Gotham 5 from Rare, incoming. Project Gotham Racing trademark Gets Renewed recently so the puzzle is beginning to connect.
classic200  +   990d ago
Kinect 2.0 racing exclusives is what I am predicting.

microsoft is not done with its casual customers yet and rare is rumored to be working on a kinect game while black tusk is doing the core games work.

But I cant wait until microsoft show what they are showing, I am still excited to see more next gen stuff even though I know microsoft will more than likely disappoint me.
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Zhipp  +   990d ago
Aren't most non-SIM racing games considered casual?
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Studio-YaMi  +   990d ago
Megaton over a racing game ? OK ! whatever makes you happy I guess ? xD LOL LOL LOL LOL !
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MYSTERIO360  +   990d ago
MS would have to bring back a lot of franchises for me to reconsider getting their system again, such as:
-Brute force (awesome game)
-Conker: live and reloaded 2
-Crimson sea
-Fusion Frenzy
-Mechassault (great game)
-NBA inside drive
-NFL Fever
-Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus (great game)
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Tito08  +   990d ago
Yeah, another Joyride, what a "MEGATON" lol!
Gimmemorebubblez  +   991d ago
.....Rare has been hard work at work at a new exciting i.p., (you can feel the tension in the air)...... Kinect............Karting....

Jokes aside, while a new racing game would be cool but I would rather like a new plat-former. You see the sad thing is that Rare is now just a name, most of the original crew have left the studio.
BitbyDeath  +   990d ago
It's already been announced that their next game is a nextgen kinect title so you might be right.

Link -

Will be interesting how they pull it off.
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JeffGUNZ  +   990d ago
Rare is broken down to 3 studios. All 3 are not working on the same games. Well, hopefully not lol
pain777pas  +   990d ago
Scary thing is you could be close to being right. I think that it is some sort of kart racer that will be modnationesque. It will be good because Rare did make Diddy Kong racing. If it is not a kart racer than it is pointless because they still have the PGR brand. Come to think of it they could make some sort of PGR spin off karting game. Who knows? If true I am intrigued because it is Rare and they still have developer name clout for me.
FriedGoat  +   990d ago
Rare are not the good Rare of old. I can't even remember the last good game Rare made, Conkers bad fur day probably.
dangerousjo33  +   990d ago
lol gives xbox more hate so u can your words later
3GenGames  +   990d ago
Finish sentence so words later.
The Meerkat  +   990d ago
KwietStorm  +   990d ago
Number-Nine  +   990d ago
let rare go MS!
StrongMan  +   990d ago
This is that Kinect title that RARE were rumored to be working on.
QuantumWake  +   990d ago
Hmm, could be this one huh?


Though this one is rumored to be a PGR title. We'll see what they have to show off come MS press conference for the next Xbox.
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Neko_Mega  +   990d ago
So Conker racing for Kinect? Or just Rare's mario kart for kinect?

Right at this point, I like to see something not Kinect from Rare.
DiRtY  +   990d ago
Because Rare made so many Kinect titles... Oh wait, they just made one and that was pretty good.

Kinect games by Rare this gen:

Kinect Sports
only season 1, season 2 was BigPark!

Non-Kinect games Rare developed this gen:

Perfect Dark Zero
Banjo Kazooie Nuts n Bolts
Viva Pinata
Viva Pinata 2
Perfect Dark HD Remake
Banjo Kazooie HD Remake
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phantomexe  +   990d ago
O......O I hope it's Grabed by the ghoulies raceing. That was bad i know.
Plagasx  +   990d ago
Lol, Kinect Racing 2013.
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Jek_Porkins  +   990d ago
They were actually hiring for a core FPS and a new action game. People will joke and bash them, but 7 platinum games this generation speaks for itself!
Drainage  +   990d ago
If Microsoft brings in some hardcore/competitive games, then im hopping on board. KZ: Shadow COD , infamous: single player , Knack: Casual, DriveClub: Racing game like GT meh Burnout will be funner. The witness: casual psn title .

needs some hardcore shit that i can play online for months
edonus   990d ago | Spam
TemplarDante  +   990d ago
They had a job listing for guys with Kinect programming skills
Jek_Porkins  +   990d ago
And FPS History as well as people with action, adventure experience. Rare is a huge studio and haven't done anything since 2010, look out for them next gen!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   990d ago
Diddy Kong Racing 3? Oh wait...
hazardman  +   990d ago
RARE is very busy making a number of titles for casual and hardcore alike. They obviously have the Kinect games, but don't sleep on maybe some next gen platformer and I'm looking for a better Perfect Dark. That franchise needs some great nextgen love..some awesome sauce! Also I was thinking that it might be like a FZero clone or something like that. I sure hope its not PGR, no way MS hands that over to them when they already have better racer devs.
wingman32x  +   990d ago
I could see them doing a kart racer type of deal.

However, I thought of Nuts & Bolts when I read that title. I didn't personally like it, but they could be giving that another try.
whoyouwit04  +   990d ago
Rare is a big team so who knows how many games they have in development right now. hell they could have a new PD, Conker, Kinect title, KI, Banjoo and this rumored racer for all we know.
MasterCornholio  +   990d ago
Well I hope its true because the 720 needs to star off strong with several exclusive core titles. But looking at rares recent development it appears very probable that it could be a Kinect. I hope it isn't a game like Kinect joy ride because that game was garbage.
Motorola RAZR i
maniacmayhem  +   990d ago
I would be down for a Conker Bad Fur Day Kart Racing game!

Have kart customization just like Banjo Nuts and Bolts. Even have it star Banjo just on principle.

It makes too much sense though and probably won't be true at all.
WitWolfy  +   990d ago
Its RARE that they make decent games these days or ANY at ALL!
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TheOneEyedHound  +   990d ago
If they Don't show new Ip's, than that well be a megaton.
from the beach  +   990d ago
I'm picturing some kind of Wacky Races style game, possibly using Kinect for extra controls, featuring characters from classic Rare franchises.

PGR5 it is!
mr_kubrick  +   990d ago
PGR 5...come on guys!
jay2  +   990d ago
Rare are dead since MS bought them so I don't really care because it'll be terrible just like every game from the last 7 yrs from them.
Tzuno  +   990d ago
Come on Ms let rare to develop again do it do it!!! Killer Instinct 3.

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