God of War: Ascension is polished, but pointless - GameZone Review

GameZone writes, "As the seventh installment in the God of War series, there's little left in the way of Kratos to slice and dice. That's why Sony Santa Monica has ventured into Kratos' past, choosing to tell the story of his life before the events of his all-out war against Ares, the Greek God of War. Throughout the series, we've grown accustomed to Sony Santa Monica's take on Greek mythology, but Ascension does little to offer a fresh take on Kratos' story."

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Nyromith1980d ago

I agree. As much as I like God of War, this is clearly one game too much. We already had a brilliant trilogy and two prequels, and this game kind of feel redundant, especially after the most definitive ending of GoW3.

GamersRulz1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

let's wait and see what Gamzone opinion about next Call of Duty.

I think its going to be something between the lines of " 10/10 the same great experience we love, if it aint broke don't fix it....bla bla bla.."

zerocrossing1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Welcome to the current games industry, line up at the milking machine.

Im not saying GoW: Ascension is a bad game, hell no, but there's a time for every franchise where you're just going through the motions (same game different setting) and sometimes that's fine for the die hard fans, but to prevent the games from becoming stale you either need to put the franchise to rest and/or bring it back in a new console generation with a complete next gen overhaul that will revitalise the franchise.

S2Killinit1980d ago

Okay maybe its not as exciting to own this game as it would have been to own the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd installment, but that doesn't mean that they should rate a game based on prior feelings about the experience of owning a game. That would become very subjective and leave the door open for corrupt game reviews like this one. Think about, rating a game badly because in your opinion it is too many too soon, is basically saying, "i dont feel like playing this game right now so i'll rate it badly, regardless of how the game is, since I wont be enjoying it" Thats like saying "well, since I'm pregnant right now, I don't really care much for blood and gore, so I will rate it badly" As much as you are entitled to your personal views, you cannot base a score on them. You have to be objective. What if, I've never played a GOW game before and I read your review? I would get the impression that the game sucks, not that the reviewer was just having a bad day, or that they were paid by certain other parties to review in a particular way.

zerocrossing1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


That is not at all what I am saying.

The GoW franchise is getting stale, just like Gears, Assassins creed and CoD are getting stale, GoW needs a break so it can come back next gen stronger and more appealing, if not then just lay it to rest.

Every fan can justify a franchise continuing Im trying to be objective here and saying that the franchise has done it's trilogy and prequels, they where great but we don't need any more unless it's something special like a next gen overhaul.

That's my opinion, Im not forcing it on you or anyone else, OK?.

jeeves861980d ago


A review is a subjective piece. There is no objective 9/10 or 10/10. Every single review of a video game ever written is subjective. Even the back of the box writing is slanted.

There is a difference between being offering an opinion and being horribly slanted and letting that bias affect your entire review.

badz1491980d ago

fishing for hits, I guess?

nerdkiller1980d ago

im sad too see my current fav ip falling. same thing happend to zelda, but everything must come to a end or else it becomes a joke like cod. maybe they need a new approach.maybe do other gods, i wouldn't mind moses taking on satan

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three barrels1980d ago

there's no such thing as "a pointless gow" gamezone sucks!

Dwalls11711980d ago

Ok so is call of duty pointless

Root1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

So all those Mario titles, COD, Assassin Creeds...and so on are all pointless

This is where you can see something is up with reviews when they give games like COD near perfect scores yet call games like this for being the same old stuff we've seen before.

riverstars861980d ago

Never got into the God of War games, but I agree that new IPs need to be introduced. I can't stand COD and AC anymore. Mario keeps innovating, atleast with it's 3D games as Galaxy 2 is by far the best platformer out there.

madjedi1980d ago

So gow, cod and assassins creed are getting stale and should be replaced by new ips, but mario keeps innovating and isn't getting old?

Kettle meet pot.

"Galaxy 2 is by far the best platformer out there." Rachet and clank says hello. Opinion does not = fact.

riverstars861979d ago

Rachet and Clank vs. Mario Galaxy isn't even close dude. I didn't even own a Wii, I just got Mario Galaxy 2 to play on my Wii U because there is nothing else. I can't even believe how good Galaxy 2 is. Rachet and Clank is a good Playstation platformer, but Nintendo owns that genre.

fsfsxii1980d ago

lol, if GOW is pointless, then how about the true milking franchises?? dumb site

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