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Given that console-bound MMOs have a funny way of disappearing into the ether, I half-expected meteors to rain down upon me and my fellow journalists as we spent some quality time with Trion's Defiance. I had the pleasure of getting an extended hands-on with it awhile back, and liked what I saw, but then again, people thought the same thing about True Fantasy Live Online before it fell off the edge of the planet years ago. But here we are, just weeks away from launch, and Defiance is very much alive and kicking—ready to provide space-western-themed shooter hijinx to PS3 and 360 players everywhere.

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Wedge191778d ago

I'm skeptical. Anyone remember the awesome hype that surrounded MAG and what that game was supposed to be, and then what it actually ended up being when it came out?

MysticStrummer1777d ago

Yeah I remember. It's still my favorite online FPS of this generation.

dbjj120881777d ago

I don't know which platform to play this on. Can't decide between my couch or my computer.

MysticStrummer1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I put in my preorder code to assure a beta invite and was told the code had been used. :(

I better get my damn preorder bonuses.

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