Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Revealed

IGN:Bethesda has announced that Dishonored’s Knife of Dunwall downloadable content will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on April 16th. The pack will cost $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points) and allows players to take on the role of Daud, the mysterious assassin who killed the Empress at the beginning of Dishonored.

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SlapHappyJesus1980d ago

Very cool.
Always liked side-story content like this.

Just happy to see story dlc for this game, really.
Dishonored was my game of 2012.

SlapHappyJesus1980d ago

Oh you, N4G community.
Please, which game should I have enjoyed more than Dishonored? Sorry my choice of game upsets you so.

EbeneezerGoode1980d ago

when are they releasing the actual gameplay?

r211980d ago

Search for redemption? I guess this takes place after Corvo let him live which i did in my full stealth play through. Looking forward to this new DLC, loved Dishonored.

lovegames7181980d ago

Yeah Dishonored was a very enjoyable experience so ill definitely be picking this up. I didn't stop playing it until i finished it so that in itself was a good sign for me.

sonicsidewinder1980d ago

Wish it came sooner or as part of the game. Would've really fleshed it out.