Valve and Xi3 Disagree: Piston Console "Is a Steambox" and "Isn't a Steambox" Simultaneously

RGN writes, "It all starts with an official third party Steambox. Valve states that it's not a Steambox. Xi3 states that it's a box commissioned by Valve to support Steam. Valve remembers anything with an Operating System runs Steam. The universe reaches a paradox and begins to fold in upon itself..."

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PhiMattic1982d ago

Interesting... They need to make up their minds on what it is haha.

Reibooi1982d ago

I think this has to do with the price of the Piston. The idea behind the Steambox was to get it into living rooms and try to expand the PC market but putting something like the Piston out which is more expensive then consoles(a big complaint console users have when it comes to PC gaming) isn't what Valve is trying to do.

Valve said(and to be honest I forget if Gabe himself said this) their steambox would be extremely cheap and possibly even free. If that is indeed the case it would make since to try to distance yourself from something that won't likely do a very good job at what the idea of a steambox is trying to do and be.

But who knows. Valve can be really hard to follow sometimes.

sourav931982d ago

Free Steambox? Yes please!

aliengmr1982d ago

One of the things Valve wants to do is in-home streaming. Basically using your rig in the office to play a game in the living room.

I believe that is the "cheap" Steambox he was referring to.

ATi_Elite1982d ago

Every PC supports the Valve Steam Store.

The Piston was commissioned by Valve to get ideas on what a Living room friendly PC would look like.

XI3 came out with ideas and Valve didn't like them so they parted ways and Valve decides to design their own box.

Now the "SteamBox" will have ONE important feature, It will come with SOFTWARE designed by Valve/Linux that allows ANY game to run without a Microsoft Operating System.

This is the NUMBER FEATURE of a TRUE SteamBox!

Trust me when Valve OFFICIALLY releases 1st and 3rd party STEAMBOXES the whole World will know without a Doubt. There will be NO CONFUSION about it so just chill out!!

P.S. Do not buy the Piston. It's a waste of money, over priced and under powered and has Severe Cooling flaws.

as you can see the Piston is just some REJECT company trying to cash in on public confusion.

Summons751982d ago

:/ I really feel like this going to fall apart in their face. With quotes like this and having it be highly over-expensive for a "mid range pc" that most pc gamers could build with half of what their selling this for, I really don't see this going anywhere. Especially since its Linux based and almost all the games on steam don't run on Linux, heck most don't run on Mac. This is a good idea but I think they are handling it completly wrong.

Hitman07691982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

try reading the article first my friend before commenting, im pretty sure youre responding in the context of not hearing the latest news revolving around the subject which is discussed therein.

@koehler83 exactly.

koehler831982d ago

Every PC is potentially a Steam Box.

I see a scenario where Valve did invest in Xi3, to provide a console form factor PC for the living room. That doesn't make it a branded Steam product but Xi3 seem to believe that's enough to claim it is.

Until Valve themselves bring their own hardware to market, there is no "Steam Box" other than every PC that runs Steam. Until Valve makes an official "Steam Box", every PC manufacturer can claim to make a "Steam Box".

GriffinCorp1982d ago

This is turning into a PR nightmare! Get it together guys.

NYC_Gamer1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Xi3= waste of time and effort..I could build a rig that crushes Xi3 for much cheaper on my own.

Edit;Valve doesn't want people to be to confused and buy Xi3 because they think its Valve/Steam official hardware.

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