Media Create software sales (3/4 - 3/10)

The latest Media Create software sales include first week sales for Soul Sacrifice.

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pepito1837d ago

So SS sold almost 140k as a new IP. Not bad. No, it's more than "not bad" actually

fabod861837d ago

yup... plus Vita increased to 63k(62k last week)
maybe this is really the beginning of a second life for it. :)

G20WLY1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Hopefully, come April 4th when the English voices are available as a download, a bunch more copies will be sold. I'll be one of them!

And then only 1 more month before those in the West get their copies!

I know 2 people who were waiting for this to come out before they buy a Vita - I might just remind each of them to put their money where their mouth is! :)

WooHooAlex1837d ago

Plus 63k in Japan will put it right on par with Xbox 360 worldwide sales again this week. They would have two of the three best selling platforms if they dropped the price in other regions. Hurry up Sony!

bicfitness1837d ago

Add digital sales to that > 150k

cleric201837d ago

Nice start for SS, wonder what sort of legs this will have? Can't wait for it to come to UK (guess it's too much to hope for the limited edition VITA to come as well?)

GraveLord1837d ago

Soul Sacrifice is a beast.

Jazz41081837d ago

You do know that a beast is not a good thing and I have been hearing over and over sony being associated to a beast. I know this is off topic but I needed to clarify this.

BitbyDeath1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

To be a beast means you are the best, you are powerful, an unstoppable force etc etc. It is a good thing.

jujubee881837d ago

In return, you can have

anderssc1837d ago

Bought a Vita just in anticipation of Soul Sacrifice. Although Persona 4 Golden is tying me over nicely.

dafegamer1837d ago

get gravity rush as well. amazing game

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The story is too old to be commented.