Media Create hardware sales (3/4 - 3/10)

The latest Media Create hardware sales show continued strong support for Vita and another dip for Wii U.

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TheLyonKing1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Still strong numbers for the vita :) okay Sony you have done your guinea pig test with Japan now roll on the price drop everywhere else now.

Not good that the wii u dipped under 10000 for a home console in Japan, Nintendo really need to start rolling out their top teir stuff.

MakiManPR1984d ago

The thing is that it doesn't have ANY good game. And the upcoming games are multiplatforms that people would prefer play on ther PS360 than in the Wii U. There are no games for the Wii U right now until Pikmin 3. And no, Monster Hunter Ultimate wont help it on Japan cuz it was a Launch Tittle on Japan and I don't see it doing so great on US. And the other "good" game coming is Lego City Undercover...really a GTA wannabe?

I'm not saying the Wii U is doomed but right now is dead at least until E3. But E3 is like 3 months away.

ps3_pwns1984d ago

i agree with you. I thought lego city was gonna be cool but it turns out its not gonna be like the batman game and star wars game type action. You do some ninja moves and handcuff a guy thats it no destruction in the city. last time i played lord of the rings legos i was making bodys fall apart with frodos and the gang and building stuff.

nintendo should of had pikmin 3 released already. i fear it might be to late as the hype for the game has died down do to nintendo making everyone wait especially nintendo of america thats making americans wait for all the 3ds and wii u games that been out in japan since last year. its like dude release the games stop trying to release it at certain times. you dont get to do that when you dont have any games out. nintendo needs to throw everything and the kitchen sink out right now. im talking every 2-3 weeks need to be releasing something good on 3ds and or wii u.

G20WLY1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

***Edit: article needs Vita tag adding, by the way***

You're so right. Price drop + AAA games = sales surge wherever you are. Hopefully they'll tie in a smaller price drop to coincide with big releases here within the next couple of months.

This marks the first time the Vita has outsold both 3DS models since launch, and even the PSP saw a large percentage increase over last week, which bodes well for future Vita sales in it's homeland.

Gimmemorebubblez1984d ago

Vita outsold 3DS?
I wonder if Sony can keep the momentum.

bicfitness1984d ago

Just as important is that Soul Sacrifice sold over 150K (about 144k, then add digital sales). I think that's the best performing new IP to come out of SCEJ. Awesome news.

khowat1984d ago

price drop and games can solve anything and hell ya sony can keep this momentum if they still have games planned throughout the year

CaptainN1984d ago

Nintendo needs to act...and they need to do it NOW !!!

khowat1984d ago

The reason why the vita is doing so well is because it came fresh off a price drop with a high-quality studio Japan game, if it didn't outsell the 3ds there would be a problem

Minato-Namikaze1984d ago

I think he means about the wii-u

PirateThom1984d ago

What about the Wii U then?

CaptainN1984d ago

Well yes it was more for Wii-U then 3DS......but they need to just start making noise and showing consumers why the should buy a Wii-U and why they should purchase a 3DS over a Vita with the new price drop. They seem way to relaxed considering their home consoles have no hype behind them, and its a shame because the Wii-U is actually a really nice piece of hardware. It may not be the most powerful console this upcoming gen, but its not about power its about games. And that's what everyone wants to see is games!

MasterCornholio1984d ago

Wow the first that that ive seen the Vita outsell the 3DS in Japan. I know it wont last but hopefully from this point onwards the Vita will do much better.

dafegamer1984d ago

Wow even more than last week

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