$69.99 is the New Three Fiddy: The Games Industry and the Loch Ness Monster

Word on the street is next generation console games are going to run us $69.99. Combine that with potential on-disc DRM and the industry's focus on DLC and microtransactions and things might be about to get very interesting. Is this focus on profits good for the gaming industry, or is it going to hurt the big companies more than it helps?

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MysticStrummer1870d ago

Fewer people will buy a game on day one, but more might go for the digital version as long as it's substantially cheaper, which it should be but probably won't be. "Substantially cheaper" to me would mean more than $10 off. I wonder how badly the industry wants to push us towards digital purchases, so they don't have to mess with discs, packaging, manuals, shipping, etc.

If they get let off the hook for those things we should get the games quite a bit cheaper, but it probably won't happen that way.

akaFullMetal1870d ago

If they raise it to 69.99, I see less games being sold, and hurting the industry. 60$ I think is the stretch for everyone right now.

slayorofgods1870d ago

Amazon pre orders for games are 99.99 for PS4 games. I really hope games don't stay that expensive next generation or I'll buy only used.