Alan Ladd on next-gen game development

Shane Ryan, Thunderbolt writes:
Back in March 2011, I had the chance to sit down and talk with the creator of PTF Software, Alan Ladd. An industry figure known for his open, honest and endearing nature - Alan helped create titles such as the award-winning first-person shooter Doomguy. Their casual puzzle series Bog Plop has since gone on to become a runaway iOS fee-to-play success. It’s a studio whose diversity has consistently thrilled both fans and critics alike. With the next-generation of consoles already under way and the next two big hits gearing up, I got back in touch with Alan to see what he expects to happen in the near future.

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hesido1954d ago

“It’s about time. We’ve built games optimised for mid-ranged PCs and sold them at $30. Now we can charge double that for the same product. It’s exciting times.”

It took a while for me to understand this was all satire :)