Garriott: “Consoles’ days are numbered”

The console business – including Steam Box – isn’t sustainable in its current form according to Richard Garriott.

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TheLyonKing1900d ago

Its obvious they are numbered the idea of console as we have known them wont be around but I will be damned if I have kids they wont be sat down and shown how gaming was like back in my days.

T9001900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Well people like it or not, the last consoles were the PS2, Xbox and the Wii.

PS3 and Xbox 360 were a bit PC like. However with PS4 and Xbox 720 its completely PC architecture. So yes the next consoles are essentially locked down PCs just branded by Sony and MS.

Not that this is a bad thing in anyway.

schlanz1900d ago

Consoles aren't defined by their architecture. They are simply machines designed to play games (primarily anyway) on a TV.

yess1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Edit: Beaten by above^^

A PC is much more than a piece of electronic for gaming.

A consol is purely for gaming and media.

Just because the architecture of a consol is more PC like dosn't mean it's a PC at all.

Irishguy951900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

PC's have much more features

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DragonKnight1900d ago

"“Tablets are becoming so powerful, your television is already connected to the internet and frankly it’s powerful. And there’s a cloud of computing behind there that’s easily accessed, so I’m going, ‘Why in the long run do we need a console? All you really need is a controller’. It’s going to be interesting to see how consoles evolve in the next few iterations to see if they can find some new compelling reason to exist. Because, at least from my perspective, I think their days might be numbered.”

Another pro-tablet "everyone has the same internet connection" individual. Nothing new to see here folks. It's just the same bull that's been proven wrong for years now.

And of course a developer is going to love something like Steam, where you have an a** hard time getting refunds and where you don't own your game. Seriously, we've heard all this stuff before, and yet people are still buying consoles in large numbers, the pre-orders wait lists for PS4 are huge, actual evidence proves these sentiments that mobile gaming isn't destroying the console market.

Really, these developers and publishers and analysts just need to stop. People like physical copies, people like consoles, the network infrastructure doesn't exist to completely switch to digital distribution and cloud gaming only, and tablets have terrible controls and lacklustre experiences when compared to dedicated handhelds and consoles. Just stop already.

MysticStrummer1900d ago

"Well people like it or not, the last consoles were the PS2, Xbox and the Wii."

Like it or not, you're wrong.

PSVita1900d ago

I just bought a new graphics card and more ram for for my ps3....oh wait no I didn't because its a console!

SnotyTheRocket1900d ago

Yeah, a PS3 is about as far from a PC (for a console) as you can get. *cough* the Cell *cough*

Corax1900d ago

The days are numbered but yet I plan on buying the PS4 when it does drop...why can't we look at gaming at its core instead of stupidly dividing gaming as a console or PC? People have preferences, do they not? It's stupid to say console days are numbered.

shoddy1900d ago

Fuck that I ain't playing games with only touch screen.

Who every say console is deadis not a hardcore gamer.

BitbyDeath1900d ago

Everything is numbered, even when you're born you are numbered.

Consoles/PC/life as we know it are all numbered.

Utalkin2me1900d ago


Yeah you added more ram and memory to your PC to play "Uncharted, GT, Gow" oh no wait it's a PC.

mechlord1900d ago

T900, i think you need a date with the dictionary.

nukeitall1900d ago

I see a lot of fanboyism here. I love my console and what it offers over a regular computer when it comes to gaming, but I do see a lot more competition.

The days of super high priced hardware subsidized by the manufacturer is probably on it's last generation. Why?

Because the hardware almost no longer drive the experience, but the software now. We will soon come to point where there is very little limitation in hardware that prevents developers in creating an experience, and something that better hardware doesn't necessarily bring anything worthy.

What do I mean by that? Well, do you care if your game runs at 1080p or some higher resolution?

Most likely not, because the cost is tremendous, yet the gain is negligible. That is happening with PCs already. A PC from 5-years ago can run almost anything today for the general public. They no longer care to upgrade, so the only way is to make it a fashion statement like Apple does.

So yes, I think "game" consoles are numbered even though I love gaming on them and hope not.

andibandit1900d ago

Consoles days are numbered, but not in a doomsday like way. As long as there is a need for games there will be some sort of device to take care of it.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1900d ago

Garriott's days are numbered!

CoolBeansRus1899d ago

lol. The only thing i think is going to die is the handheld market due to phones. I dont see consoles dieing any time soon.

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Y_51501900d ago

by over 11 million days...

LarVanian1900d ago

Let's enjoy the next 30,000 years then! :D

Chuk51900d ago

I was listening to dtoid's podcast and they were right about one thing. People in the industry are too damn hungry for blood in regards to destroying markets within gaming.

portal_21900d ago

The real question is in favour of what? Tablets? Smartphones? I just don't see it. For me and many others I'm sure, I require a traditional control method, not tilt, shake and tap.

MysticStrummer1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Consoles as we know them will be around until high speed internet is common across most of the world market. Then all digital and cloud gaming will take over, but there will still most likely be a box that people will call a console. Eventually, TVs will be like big iMacs so no box will be needed anymore. That's when consoles will really die, but there will still be controllers.